Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unsolicited Real Estate Advice Toronto

of⋅fi⋅cious [uh-fish-uhs] – adjective
1. objectionably aggressive in offering one's unrequested and unwanted services, help, or advice; meddlesome: an officious person.
2. marked by or proceeding from such forwardness: officious interference.

It is Not anyone's business;
  • If you spend more than you need to
  • If you are unprepared for Land Transfer Taxes
  • If your lawyer explains you need an extra $12,000 to close
  • If you are uninformed about Development and Levy Charges
  • If you are unaware of rebates from First Time Buyer Programs
  • If you didn't research the history of a house
  • If you selected 5 year fixed funding on a 180 day renovation
  • if you neglected to understand that CMHC fee was prepaid and portable
  • If you did not look at the recent sales values of a complex
  • If you rejected a home inspection on a condo and the ceilings leaked
  • If you didn't consider your view could be obliterated by the new building
  • If you decide to Buy a Condo next door to the Island Airport Approach Runway
  • if you decide to Buy a Suite beside the 60' by 40' LCD Billboard on the 4th floor
  • If you want the view overlooking the garbage bins
  • If you want to be lied to about the super prices You can get for your place...

Other wise I am pleased to help you. I can point out the lessons that a 20 year career of looking at properties has provided, have someone in your corner, or go it alone. If your home is worth $325K I will tell you. Not brag and embellish that I can get you $399K only to grind you for 6 months of emotional energy to [pretend] tell you that the market does not support your price but if we wait till 2012.... I will also tell you about the fish/tobacco/hockey gym bag smells and the rooms that need paint and broadloom. We will discuss if you want a stager to come in and help you organize and present your home. Do we want a PRE - Inspection report?

Price it on the dollar because Buyers shopping on line are looking at $350 to $400k. Your "clever" retail concept of $349,995, Could have been the best price for a fast sale but no body SAW you because you missed half the Buying eyes.

If you have time for Coffee; I have a magic Tim's Card, but my office has internet access, dual screens and printers for immediate handouts and takeaways. Oh, I also make house calls.

Your comments are always invited. 2010 will be very exciting.

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bettyb said...

What a wonderful idea? Talk to someone who will provide FREE information!!! Now that's a novel idea!