Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Lazy is your Agent?

You want your home sold.
You want Buyers to see the value of your home. You negotiate aggressively for the best commission deal. 

Buyers want Pictures, Video, Floorplans and details. Here is a SAMPLE ad of mine from earlier in 2013 for a condo at Humber Bay Shore, Toronto, ON.

Your Pied a Terre in the City.
A newly built and Freshly Painted Two bedroom Suite with two spacious bathroom at the luxurious Park Lake Residences, located at Lake Shore and Ellis Ave., right at Sunnyside Beach.
This building is a two tower structure with a centre podium that houses an open air terrace for BBQ's and Lounging. Sight lines are to Humber Bay Shore, the bay, The Humber River Bridge, The North Views include dramatic vista of High Park. There is a strong management team in place here with a Large Reserve in compliance with the Reserve Fund Audit. All parking is above grade with 4 levels for resident garage parking and a main floor open air garage for visitors.  No Flooding!
On the #TTC The access to transit is fed from the #80 #TTC Queensway Bus to Keele Subway, a Lake Shore EXPRESS #508 bus to Union Station and a 24 hour transit line alone Queensway / Queen Street ensures prompt and continuous access.
UPGRADES include Hardwood Floors, Stainless Steel Hardware and Stainless Steel Appliances, Fridge, Stove, Microwave, Built in Dishwasher PLUS Stackable Washer and Dryer. Kitchen has a Granite Counter top, under mounted Cupboard lighting and a subway tile ceramic back splash. All existing window coverings remain with the property. Bathrooms include marble wall trim, marble or ceramic floors and upgraded plumbing.
This Suite measures 860 square feet as per the builders floor plan. (Available)
Property Brochure left on site. 
Is the Top Picture  11 x 17 two sided  Next panel provides interiors.

Additional Property Details http://davidpylyp.com/search/feature.cfm?ml_num=W2551722   Link to my site and Financing details.  This will now appear as unavailable.
Virtual Tour on Property http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwaI5mCTiw4&feature=youtu.be
Additional Property Pictures https://picasaweb.google.com/109283965469179719942/February4201303#slideshow/5841275256762724242
Realtor.ca Search W2551722
This property is available for showings and occupancy Effective Feb 05th, 2013 (This listing will not appear at this site)

Do I Sound Grumpy?  Yes!  Agents claim to do the same job but do not. Sellers are disappointed. Agents are taking pictures with iphones and not a series but only one or two. Video with an ipad...  Agents are not producing booklets with closing calculations for your property because they cannot afford to. There are now in excess of 40,000 agents competing for your business in the Greater Toronto Area. I am not going to Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan or Scarborough. I mean them no disrespect.  I serve within a half hour of the QEW at 427.

How much would you have received for your property with professional marketing?  A colour brochure, video and property take aways for Buyers to "THINK ABOUT IT" 

My job is to attract as many prospects as possible to your property in a reasonable length of time.  Is it time to call me?   647 218 2414

What views would you like?

Let's make a few assumptions
We are aging
We are considering retirement.
One of you may have already retired.
We [will] need single storey living.
We [will] require the services of Health Care Professionals and Hospitals.
We want the community of living in the city.
You have no aspirations for a country estate with a mile long driveway.

I have met a number of SAVVY mature recently retired couples who are carefully selecting where they would like to spend their retirement years, something that gives them a jumping off point for travel and adventures yet is secured and locked in their absence. You would like to buy it now, rent it until you need it for yourself. Then clean and fix what you need with the perfect amenities and views. This now begs;  What is the View that you would like?

The last condo purchase may have been to be near work, a trendy loft with dramatic second storey views or a Pied de Terre in the City's core.   This time you want the subway tiles in the bathroom, with a jetted tub, The marble in the kitchen with an eating area that isn't actually in the Living Room.  Two separate non adjacent bedrooms that are served by two full bathrooms.  Your list is very specific as to trims and finishes, ease of care,  

Unless you are well heeled financially for retiring in place, maintaining a home in Toronto is becoming expensive and impractical. We can make the old home work for us by adding / improving the Kitchens and Bathrooms, modernize, the stair climbing becomes a challenge. Why is laundry in the basement? An elevator or Stair Slide is the answer.  

But If you are doing all these things,  you and I need to get together to find you a great Lake or Park Views along Humber Bay Shore...   Call me   647 218 2414

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Islington Village - Ruby Lang and Cormier Heights

Islington Village by Dunpar Homes is located at Evans Avenue and Islington Avenue wrapping behind and beside the south service road wall to the QEW. Homes are freehold town houses with double car garage that is in tandem. There is a condominium corporation for management of common elements, landscaping and garbage removal. All addresses are Ruby Lang, Cormier Heights, with the south exposure on Evans Ave and the North on Oxford Street.

There are 176 units in total. All units are built on slab, main level is upstairs, second floor is two bedrooms, third floor is master bedroom with juliette balcony. All units are 1950 square feet. First Occupied in 2008 this complex has had enormous success. 

Ping Me for Additional details or availability.

This week's Featured Home

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Canada's Housing Market Bust

Why is the Canadian [Toronto] real estate Market so resilient? How is it pushing itself every month with strong numbers in detached home sales. Even with LOUD warning bells from Flaherty on increased Household debt, Condo's continue at an annual pace of approximately 25,000 units. Houses Prices Rocket as the Number of available units dwindle. Instead, Home buyers are migrating further into the 905 while others steadfastly ride the elevator higher. 

We don't have financial silliness in Canada;
No NINJA loans.   No Income No Job  No Assets   NINJA
Interest only payments with a Balloon payment at 5 years - Why?   Tax deductibility

Borrowers Need to Qualify (apply for the debt) and demonstrate the ability to repay
Canada is a Full Recourse Lender - They sue you and take ALL you stuff.

Yes, Debt levels are rising; We are using our home as security for lines of Credit [Heloc] to purchase and pay for tuitions, weddings, divorces and finally that Porsche 911 or retirement savings.

Our house is earning 8 - 10% annually while inflation has stayed at 3.5%.  My bank however pays me a paltry 1.5 - 2% annually for locking my money.

The US housing crisis that occurred a few years ago will be a data point that analysts, economists and the public will remember for decades as it serves as a reminder of how precipitous the market can get when we sign up for more than we can actually afford. Other countries experienced this same economic downfall as well, but a study published by Bank Credit Analyst (BCA) Research shows that Canada did not fall victim to the housing bust that affected the U.S. While the US debt to income ratio fell as much as 30 percent beginning around 2006 until now, Canada’s has been on the rise since 1990 and has already hit more than 160 percent.
Why the disparity in income to debt between the two countries? Canada has safeguards against some of the factors that fueled the flames of the US housing market crash, such as its government requiring mortgage insurance when home owners are being considered for a loan. There are also requirements for credit checks and a minimum down payment in order to ensure that interested home owners have a proven history of handling and paying down debt, as well as that they have enough cash flow to handle the responsibilities of paying a mortgage. The US has these forms of checks and balances as well, but in past years, mortgages were being approved at a far less stringent rate and often to people who could not reasonably take on that amount of debt. http://agbeat.com/economic-news/canadas-housing-market-didnt-crash-americas/

Toronto may be in its infancy as a City and all the squabbling about expansion, but the land is already built out.  We have a lake to the south and the periphery is the 905. Residents continue to arrive for safe haven, employment, education and most importantly medical services as we age.

I see seniors selecting the condo with a view where they want to spend their retirement years. They buy it and rent it, until they are ready to move in. This adds to their nest egg. Are you ready to join in? Call me.   There are incredible choices at Humber Bay Shore.