Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding your Home will provide Unlimited Happiness

Here we are approaching November, going into the Fall of 2011. We need to use every tool and service available for us to help find you a home in the Toronto Real Estate Market.

This is just one of them [Ipad] We are trying to get you the MLS Listings as fast as possible,
People are lining up to do multiple offers, going straight into the home selling winter market of 2011.

The interest rates are going to hold firm fo rthe next two years, at about 2 and a half percent,
thats very close to 3 percent on a fixed mortgage, Very affordable in terms of dollars on a house.

In different Toronto neighbourhoods like Bloor West Village, Roncesvalles Village, into Midtown at Yonge and Eglinton and Mount Pleasant, 750 to 800 thousand dollars is not unheard of, even for a semi detached that could use a bit more lipstick. Needs a bit more than just a coat of paint.

If you have the right people working on your team, with the right tools, we will help you find the house that you are looking for.

Today I'm over in Rosedale, with a nice detached property in the fall... very pretty time to be outside.. Do something with your family.. enjoy the day!

Enjoy the fall weather in Toronto, and If you would like to work with somebody with integrity, panache and focus, give me a ring at 647 218 2414.

I'd like to help you find the house of your dreams.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Living in Toronto and Loving It

We may have the most colourful Mayor in North America but we are being seen internationally as a sound and growing investment opportunity.

Earlier this month, U.S.-based Forbes magazine ranked Canada as the best place on the planet to do business. The U.S. came in 10th.

As the economic hub of the country, responsible for fully 20 per cent of its GDP, Toronto benefits greatly from such global attention. “We’re seen as a safe haven for foreign investment,” said Vaccaro.

The city is also a major immigration destination. Federal immigration policies continue to attract large numbers of new Canadians, most of whom are drawn invariably to the big cities, especially Toronto. An estimated 100,000 new residents move into the greater Toronto area each year, a growth rate closer to that of cities in Asia than any in North America.

In addition, immigration rules favor migrants with assets, meaning many jump quickly into a housing market that, despite rising prices, is still a bargain by international standards.

In addition, Toronto is bordered by a ‘green belt,’ ringing the city at the edges of its vast suburbs. Imposed by the province of Ontario in 2005 largely as an environmental measure, it has helped contain suburban sprawl, forcing developers to move away from traditional housing tract development and to look skywards.

The result is a city that gleams in the late afternoon light, a magnet for big money and big names.

So...... Plainly we are not Dubai.

We have an aging demographic in Canada that places the largest cohort of population turning 65 starting this year at 10 Million people. We have strong immigration with new families. We have students who arrive here and stay.

Why would a professional realtor recommend 277 square foot housekeeping units when our family units require more space compared with building for singles?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Merging Family Units or Assisted Living?

So they are getting on in years and your family is almost grown. You're suffering from strong pangs of obligation for your family. Do you bring them in to live with you? Should you look at a separate condo for them to have their own space and privacy? Are you also considering Assisted Living facilities?

Of course, there is the other side of the family that also has elders to consider and as the responsible sibling; obligations always seem to fall to you.

SO, Your Mom and Dad are still active and care free, they could stay in their own home for years to come but will require assisted living soon. Barring anything that is an unexpected medical event or a catostrophic event; things could sail along for years just the way they are. The challenge is on the other side of the marriage where parents are a little older, require more attention, care and assistance to make those seemingly weekly Doctor visits and driving in Toronto does give you some concern.

Can I propose a solution that has worked for another family?

Would you consider an EIGHT bedroom house?
Actually it could be better described as a house with three distinct living zones.

Each family unit could maintain their independent lifestyle yet have access to the communal dinners, events and especially the time and affection of their grand children that previously required staged and planned visits.

If the unification of a family in this fashion can solve your Living Challenges, Save you a minimum of $5,000 per month as compared with a Condo and Assisted Living expenses, I would be pleased to arrange a visit for you in a Luxury Etobicoke Neighbourhood at Islington and Kingsway.

We should be paying attention to the People's needs filling business. What is your need? Lets find your solution together

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toronto is Tops 'n Building Condos

Toronto is indeed the condo building capital of North America!

There are currently 132 highrise buildings under construction in Toronto, according to the figures. Mexico City ranks a distant second with 88 and New York City is in third with 86. The field drops off dramatically after that: fourth-ranking Chicago is building 17 highrises, while Miami rounds out the top five with 16.

Emporis defines a highrise building as between 35 and 100 metres high, or 12 to 40 floors. Buildings taller than that are considered skyscrapers.

Toronto already has the second-highest number of completed highrises and skyscrapers in North America, with 1,875 — just ahead of Mexico City and Chicago — according to Emporis. They all trail runaway leader New York City by more than 4,000, however.


Continuing with this article, while some are already screaming about a condo bubble and over building an already overheated market; the Star article goes on to add...

There is little fear among industry experts that Toronto construction is outstripping demand, despite Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney’s warning about a national condo price bubble back in June. In fact, some are worried about the opposite.

There are more than 39,000 condo units under construction in the region, according to Myers — “and 88 per cent of those are already sold.”

A further 118 buildings are in pre-construction, he said, and three-quarters of those are sold. “We’re just continually getting larger and larger and larger.”

So lets recap;

Every crane you see is a SOLD OUT condominium project that achieved Financial Viability and Critical Mass to proceed. Each unit has paid a lot levy [Building Permit] Each unit has a 15% downpayment prepaid and held by an at arms length third party [keeping your money secure]. The Banks then lend based on the contracts in hand to complete the construction.

Unemployment less than 8% 27% of the jobs are in Financial Services and Insurance. Schools and Universities are world class. 57% of all immigration to Canada finds a home in teh Golden Horseshoe - 40% of all the immigration pools into the Toronto CMA.

Banks in Canada are secure and a safe haven compared with other countries. Your appreciation in the asset you live in is growing tax free from Capital Gains.

What other reasons would you buy for in Toronto?