Monday, December 31, 2012

Real Estate is Local but the Clients are Global

In an effort to explain reach;  I found this beautiful globe that permits visitors to PIN their location.

This globe is available to you also, free of charge, to install into a wordpress sidebar or a page as HTML code.

If I can assist with your move to or from Etobicoke [west Toronto] Ontario Canada, please reach out and say Hello.  

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Let's Meet for Coffee!

Here's hoping you and your family had a very safe Christmas and Holiday time!

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy  Prosperous New Year in 2016!!!

Let's get together for a coffee and you can tell me about your goals and needs for Next Year.

How can I help you get there?

Call me

I was on TV this year;  I have a new baby, I understand priorities.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Naughty or Nice - Check your List Twice

My friend, Liz Manore, at The Company of Organizers and I were talking about the lack of space and organization in our busy lives.   Family and friends will be dropping by shortly for Christmas Cheer and we really want the place to Sparkle.   Liz shared her best.

Liz's Top Ten Christmas Organizing Tips...

1) Make a list & check it twice. Actually the more lists you write, the more organized you'll be. Make a list for all the people you are gifting & write the amount beside their name that you plan to spend. This will help you stick to your budget. Next, book a time when you will do your shopping. This will help you feel in control of your time & help avoid those costly last minute expenditures. Keep the list with you in your wallet or in your phone, so that it will always be with you.

2) If you are entertaining, write a list of what you are serving & again book your time to shop, prep & cook.

3) Buy all the wrap, gift bags, bows/ribbons & cards at once. Put all the gift bags, bows/ribbons in a box (banker boxes work well for this & are not expensive). This makes it easy to store & move to where you do your wrapping. Long rolls can be put in clear garbage bags or you can buy plastic storage bins designed for them. Often, It always takes longer than you think.

4) If you send out a lot of cards, consider creating a mailing list on your computer to generate mailing labels. This will save you a lot of time. Put on some Christmas music to help set the mood.

5) Consider buying a few extra hostess type gifts for those last minute invitations. 

6) Ask for help from family or friends if you are feeling overwhelmed with all that has to be done. You will get the work done in half the time and enjoy it more when you share it with others.

7) Keep a pad of paper beside your bed. If you are like me, you do your best thinking when all is quiet. This way you wont forget anything, because you'll probably not remember it by morning.

8) Consider giving charitable gifts for those hard to buy-for people. This helps avoid clutter, makes the receiver feel good and helps others.

9) Try to make some time to do your own de-cluttering before Christmas. Out with the old, in with the new. This is especially true for children. It's a great time to teach them how to donate toys, clothes etc., that they no longer want, need or use and are needed by others. 

10) Having guests stay? Make room for them in your closet, cupboards or drawers. Its a good time to buy a stacking shoe rack for the extra boots etc that will be in your house. 

When all your preparations are done, take the time to sit back and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Elizabeth (Liz) Manore is located in Oakville and is a Professional Home and Office Organizer. She helped pioneer the Organizing Industry in the Greater Toronto area through the formation of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). She is the Founder and President of The Company of Organizers Inc. - a company she created in 1993(formerly Wilful Units) to organize Corporations, Small Offices, Home Offices and Residences. As an innately organized person, Liz brings this unique ability and expertise to all of her work. She understands the necessity for being organized in all areas of life. She has seen the cost and effects of disorganization in her clients' homes and offices with the loss of productivity, efficiency, and enjoyment. Liz can be contacted at 905 467 2400

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Landlord AVOIDS bedbug Responsibility

Larry the Landlord was horrified to find that even though his tenants readily admitted that they infested the apartment unit with bedbugs  It was his responsibility to eradicate the problem.

In a recent issue of the London Free Press, Denise Lash was interviewed as part of a special feature on Bed Bugs in condominium units and who’s responsible for their eradication, entitled “Responsibility to take steps to eradicate the nasty bug goes to the landlord”. Denise discusses how condominium corporations should notify their owners and ensure those owners retain a specialist bed bug eradication company if required.
 “if there are bedbugs in a condominium building, it is advisable for the corporation to inform the owners that there are bedbugs in the building (without stating which unit has the bedbugs due to privacy concerns). Residents should be told to inspect their units, and if found a specialist bedbug eradication company should be contacted”.
 You can read the full article on the London Free Press’s website here.  

It is not only the Individual Landlord but a Condominium Building could very well have the same obligations.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who Gets "IT" when you re marry? Toronto Houses

The Situations captioned below are happening every day in Toronto and Etobicoke with families going to war over who inherits the FAMILY HOMESTEAD. Planning and Communication are the key.

For instance, stick with the old standard of a joint tenancy agreement where the surviving spouse gets the house, where does that leave your kids if that’s your second spouse? “In joint tenancy, you own an equal undivided tenancy and the survivor gets the full title,” says Mr. Leclair. “You have to think where this is going.”
For a couple on their second marriage, a better option may be a tenancy-in-common ownership solution where the couple choose the ownership split on a property. Each parent can then have their share of the property go to whoever they want, including children from a previous marriage.
“There is nothing that obligates you to keep a will forever,” says Mr. Leclair, about agreements spouses may make to pass on wealth to children from another marriage. A surviving spouse who got the whole house can update their will later on, he notes. “All of the sudden, the second person’s children are disinherited from their natural father or mother’s assets.”

These situations become very complicated with multiple families having a perspective. The legal fight is never about whether who gets the heirloom or dining room but who received the bicycle or red wagon in 1963.
All of these create life long rifts. Have a family meeting. Ask the kids who gets what; Who wants what.... It will saves thousands in legal fees.
Best advice? Spend the money on a proper will now. I've seen too many that cheap out on a will only to have it rendered invalid by lack of proper signatures, details or remarriage. Govern yourself accordingly has never been more appropriate.
David Pylyp
An Etobicoke Real Estate Agent
Accredited Senior Specialist

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Toronto Waterfront Landmark

575 Sq Ft One Bedroom Unit in desirable Park Lake Residences at Lakeshore & Ellis; Walk across the street to your own lake access, east of the instantly recognizable Humber Bay Bridge.

Direct Express Bus available for Downtown, TTC Streetcar On Queensway, Bus To Keele Subway, Only 12 Minutes To Bay St. 6th Floor Suite With Panoramic View Of Toronto Skyline From Your Living Room. Upgraded Stainless Steel Appliances with thick Granite counter top, Overlooks Terrace + Lake From Open Air Balcony.

Card Room/Party Room/Exercise Room/On 5th Floor. 20% Good Reserve on track, with Performance Audits in process.  Storage Locker, Fridge with ice and Water dispenser, Stove, Washer, Dryer, B/I Microwave, Dishwasher, Blinds, Upgraded

Electric light fixtures, All Hardwood flooring, Marble in foyer and bathroom, Ceramic Tile, Glass Shower doors and Marble Counters in Ensuite.  Your own laundry with upgraded washer and dryer in hallway closet (ensuite Laundry)

Strong, well run, low rise building with only 20 floors per tower (278 suites) [First four floors are above grade parking garage] Fifth floor is open air terrace, Card/ meeting/ games rooms plus exercise and Yoga.  Open Air Terrace faces Lake Shore at the Ellis Ave playground.  Additional Pictures are available here.

For your own private inspection call 647 218 2414

David Pylyp
October 24th, 2012

We have a house And Need More Money

David Pylyp youtube Options
Want More Options?


We can provide solutions to your money problems. Some of the issues we have dealt with are:

There are many reasons why we need mortgage or credit assistance; so don't hesitate, give us a call 416-410-1150  or send me an email.

Veronica Thompson, a Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Accumetrix (License #12036)

David Pylyp
Etobicoke Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,
416 233 9000 or direct at 647 218 2414

Monday, October 22, 2012

Can your Landlord SNIFF YOU?

Are they changing too many rules?

Larry the Landlord Renting to Smokers?

No matter your opinion on the No Smoking Bans in public places; Landlords in Toronto are also faced with the reality that after renting to Smokers the condo unit or townhouse will be less desirable to subsequent tenants.

Landlords will very often need to repaint, rebroadloom and may very well need to replace fabric draperies.  So who pays?

The Landlord Tenant Boards decision interprets the "wear and tear" that 20 years ago would have been Normal to now be Tenant Damage.

You can and will be held liable for repairs to bring the unit back to a rent-able condition.
Can you pass the SNIFF TEST?

Have the rules gone too far?  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Can a Condo Building Ban Smoking? Toronto Ontario

You know its coming....

The zeal for a NON smoking society.  What was a common and accepted event is now banned at work, restaurants, building entrances, outdoor patios and even soccer fields.   Now with new legislation they are proposing banning smoking in all condominium units and duplexes,  anything that shares a wall.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Oct 15 (Reuters) - A San Francisco suburb on Monday banned smoking in duplexes, condominiums and other multi-family homes, with city leaders saying they hoped to lead a wave of such regulations across California and ultimately the country.
The City Council in San Rafael, a community of 57,000 people about 15 miles (24 km) north of San Francisco, voted unanimously for the ban, following a handful of other California municipalities that have outlawed smoking in buildings with as few as two units.
"We are happy to blaze a trail," Mayor Gary Phillips said before the vote. "We're most happy to be in the forefront of the issue because we think it will greatly benefit our residents and those visiting San Rafael, and we think it will set the tone for other cities as well."
Tobacco-control experts predicted that the tough smoking ordinance in San Rafael could touch off a larger movement in other states and cities.
"The San Rafael ban is a very significant event because it will spread," said Robert Proctor, a Stanford University history of science professor. "We're on the downslope of a big curve. Smoking peaked in 1981 with 630 billion cigarettes sold in the United States. Now it's down to 350 billion. And that number will keep on going down until smoking is a distant memory."
San Rafael is the state's ninth municipality to completely restrict smoking in multi-unit housing, said Pam Granger, advocacy manager for the American Lung Association in California. Granger said California was the only state where local jurisdictions have banned smoking in homes.
The ordinance has generally been supported by residents who have spoken at city council meetings, although two smokers came out to oppose the ban on Monday evening.
"This proposed smoking ban actually intends to punish people for what they do in their own homes," Thomas Ruppenthal told the council. "I really feel this is tyranny."
The ordinance also would prohibit smoking on San Rafael's downtown streets - the backdrop for parts of the 1973 film "American Graffiti."
California municipalities have used the report to prohibit smoking in apartments and other multi-family homes. In some cases, the laws apply only to new construction or to just a percentage of a housing complex's units.
But the restrictions have become increasingly strict, and San Rafael's ordinance applies to all homes, new or existing and rented or owned, with shared walls.

All new or existing condominium units or residences with a shared wall, [takes in Townhouses and Semis] Knowing that we are approximately 6 months to a year behind the trends in California, How long will it be that we hear about this legislation in Toronto, Ontario?

Will Toronto Landlords be performing "sniff" testing on prospect tenants?
Will Condo buildings go SMOKE FREE?
Is a Smoker's Condo Evaluated at Less than market?  How much?

Have you say.... 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

VOW Virtual Office Website

Now!  You can view every listing on the Toronto Real Estate Board by Map. 

The listings are arranged in Price Order but you can create individual searches.

Ready to try?

Sit back with your iPad and search for listings in those communities and neighbourhoods where you would like to live.

You can further search the demographics of the neighbourhood with Hood Reports;  http://Bit.Ly/HoodReports


Let's Go!

Yes, Of Course!   You will need to sign in....

Plays well on my laptop and iPad,  Tell me about your experience using the search functions and different browsers

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Bother owning a Home.

Home ownership is family’s life – both financially and from a quality of life perspective. You invest in your neighbourhood and community, put down roots, let your equity grow tax free of capital gains. When its paid off or before, you can refinance and pay for weddings or university ( again ) of your cottage.
Home ownership is often connected to the notion of living the “American dream.” But it is as much a part of Canadian identity as it is in the U.S.
Indeed, statistics show that the percentage of home ownership in Canada is edging close to 70 per cent, which is actually higher than the ratio south of the border at the moment – 65.4 per cent, a 15-year low, according to the most recent data. Many economists believe the Canadian government has played an active role in spurring home ownership, particularly by forming the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation back in 1946.
“I don’t know that home ownership should be a right and that it should be backed by taxpayer dollars and kind of be the prime mandate of a Crown corporation,” says Ben Rabidoux, creator of the Economic Analyst blog, which looks into housing and mortgage trends.

DO you agree that we should all live in government provided housing?  After all, why would you want to be debt free in your house, decide what you want to so repair repaint or resell.  Move according to your schedule?  When you downsize to a retirement home? wouldn’t that money come in handy?  Most don’t have substantial savings at retirement other than their home equity.

What do you think?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Competition Bureau and Consumers VS Organized Real Esate

The Competition Bureau has been outspoken about Real Estate practices and access to data.  The solution of a VOW may not bring the intended effects.  The Toronto Real Estate Board went for the Hail Mary pass with a procedural Charter Challenge...

But Vistnes argues more open access would put more information — and power — in the hands of consumers and bring an end to costly and questionable real estate practices.
Making commission agreements public, for instance, might discourage realtors who now refuse to take potential buyers through homes where the owner has negotiated a lower commission, pushing them instead to other homes that may be less ideal but have better payoff.
It would also be more obvious when an agent is engaging in “gaming” — removing a property that’s been languishing on MLS for weeks and reposting it a day later to create the illusion of a new listing, says the report. That can be a red flag to buyers that a home is overpriced.
Consumers would also be able to tell when a realtor has acted as both the listing and the buying agent, a “conflict of interest” that occurs in about 10 per cent of all GTA transactions, says Vistnes, who analyzed several years of TREB’s MLS data.
By denying a new generation of Internet-savvy homeowners and buyers access to information, as travel agents did years ago, realtors remain the only real “gateway” to critical property details, says Vistnes.
“VOWs are not simply a vehicle by which consumers can access raw MLS data and conduct searches. Brokers can also offer VOW-based tools through which consumers can then analyze those data,” says the report.
“VOWs often attract buyers by offering a convenient means to search listings, to learn details about individual listings, to learn how home prices differ by neighbourhood, to see how quickly homes are selling and the extent to which final prices differ from the list prices and, in some cases, by offering a commission rebate.”

There are some glaring inaccuracies;

Realtors acting for both parties are indeed in a conflict of interest. You sign for and specifically acknowledge whether you are receiving Customer Service or Buyer Representation.  The solution is to  Bring your own agent!   Yet, Consumers, feel they will SAVE by using only the Listing Agent. Client or Customer? 

Posting and reposting listings to the MLS system is easily solved when you use your own agent to search the property history and provide an impartial CMA when purchasing the home.

Undisclosed  closing costs are dealt with in a detailed summary of costs, expenses and proposed funding costs available here.  This is used with each transaction.

Commission rebates sound wonderful;  What about those listings posted by REALTORS who post one penny or one dollar to selling broker?  The Sellers set the commission payable to selling broker when they list the house.  Listing agents do not necessarily "SPLIT" listing fees equally. No. They may discount their fees to induce you [listings] into a transaction. 

Lenders will not permit you to add your purchase expenses, surveys, loan application fees, appraisals,  lawyers fees, land transfer taxes, taxes on CMHC insurance to the purchase price of the  house in addition to Real Estate fees that you committed to in the Buyers Representation Agreement. What do we do when the commission is ZERO? *

* It is not my responsibility to explain your options to you as an unrepresented Seller or Mere Listing.  My duty is to get the best deal for my client. 

VOWs will permit; an out of Territory Agent to post your home for sale  IE  Windsor or London or Burlington Posted to  They then field those inquiries.  That listing may or may not appear on the Toronto System.  Are all potential Buyers viewing your home? 

More power into the hands of the consumers Yes!  I am in favour of the VOW's.  I am also favour of real Brick and Mortar offices where complaints or disputes can be aired, meetings take place, and  live telephone answering occurs.  Those appointment front desks are the lifeblood of getting your listing seen and showings booked.  What services will I continue to provide

Personally I think it permits Brokerages /Agents to provide a lower level of service under the pretense of SAVINGS.   More data requires context.   Context needs insight and experience.  That's what I provide.  Add your comments...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Will we slip into Recession?

Excessive Taxation, Overheated bidding Wars, Lack of Inventory, Inner City Issues, Transit, Tightening Mortgage Rules, Reduced Amortizations, Double Land Transfer Tax in Toronto, Proximity to Employment;

What is your hot button issue?   Have we hit the tipping point for bidding wars?

The Toronto Real Estate market seems to be slowing, pensive, waiting for a sign....  or is that a stall?

TREB figures released mid September;
September 18, 2012 -- Greater Toronto Area (GTA) REALTORS® reported 2,544 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in the first 14 days of September. This result was down by 15 per cent compared to the 2,995 sales reported during the same period in 2011.

“The combination of stricter lending guidelines, rising home prices and the added upfront cost associated with the land transfer tax in the City of Toronto resulted in a slower pace of sales during the summer of 2012 compared to a year ago,” said Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President Ann Hannah.

The average selling price for sales during the first two weeks of September was $496,786 – representing an annual rate of increase of more the 9.5 per cent. Average selling prices were up for both low-rise and high-rise home types, including condominium apartments sold in the ‘416’ area code.

The CBC Peter Mansbridge and Crew have interesting conversation.  Worthy of the time investment.   Interesting conversation about employment incomes, spin off employment from construction and rebuttal and how discretionary spending from your personal piggy bank [Home Equity Line of Credit] has been curtailed.

Following up on CENSUS DATA released Sept 2012, the Normal family is now blended.  This is further confused by a generation that doesn't leave the nest;  Read the balance of the article here.

Conversations with colleagues, as we show and inspect houses, is that there is hesitation. We are starting see price reductions posted on desirable properties.  Where IF you over priced by 5% you merely waited 5 or 6 months for the market to catch up.

What do you think?
Add your comments...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Want to be a Landlord / Investor?

Are you interested in the quality of your investment in real estate, 
Why not invest your money in Canada, in Toronto.

We have an excellent opportunity and a buoyant market, with a growing metropolitan area being Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you would like the comfort and return on investment from knowing your money is safe and secure. 

Call me at 647 218 2414,

And we will find and income and investment opportunity for you.

When you purchase a home they not only get bricks and mortar, you buy into a community and lifestyle. You create a nest egg for your future.  Lets make our search specific to your community.

Thank you.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do you use a real lease?

Did you make a real lease or just use the offer to lease from TREB?

Offer to Lease       Rental Application

You have a condo and you want to rent it out.

OF COURSE, you would want a tenant that will respect your property, look after the place, be courteous to the neighbors and generally obey all the terms of the lease. You want to avoid a tenant who will rip you off.  Someone who will pay the rent on time.

You posted your rental online and asked for;

  • Confirmation of employment
  • Copy of a Credit Bureau  
  • 1st and Last Month's Rent
  • 12 post Dated Cheques

[They] show up with a tenant application and an offer to lease.

Where is the lease?

In the application does it talk about utility deposits, hydro hook ups, access for bell and cable?    Who pays the water bill? Pets? Fur or Fowl  It needs to be stated!  Utilities in a house can be attached to the real property. 
Interest needs to be paid annually on their deposit.

Will there be an insurance endorsement in favor of your lender or the Condo corporation?  Have they received a copy of the Condo Buildings Rules and Regulations?  How will you discipline Noise and Music Complaints?  Parties?  

Do you have pictures of the condo interiors prior to tenant move in? This eliminates any claims for damage vs normal wear and tear. I use Video and Pictures. Have the tenant acknowledge receipt of the pictures.  Discuss what happens if cheques are returned from the bank; Will you be reimbursed? Have you made provisions for extra people in?   Are you limiting how many?

If you are going to buy Toronto condominiums as an investment it is imperative to make wise choices in your tenant selection and property management.  Proper notices. Everything in writing. No surprise inspections and remember they [the tenants] are your customers. Treat your customers well and you will profit from your investment.

Use professional people to buy, manage and if you need to go to Landlord Tenant Tribunal try a Boutique ParaLegal for LandLord Tenant Problems.  The LTT does have a help desk and all the forms are online.

Need a lease?   Yes    Contact me for details. 

Call me 416 233 9000 or directly at 647 218 2414

David Pylyp
Accredited Senior Agent
RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Should I know about your past?

Have you EVER been Charged?  
Were you Charged and Aquitted?
Criminally convicted? 

Defended charges of Fraud or other Financial Misconduct?

What about false advertising or other misconduct?

DO I have the right to know?

In a word. Yes.

If you are hiring me to sell your house or condo it is often the largest single asset that a family possesses. 

Would you not research or inspect someone's License, Registation and Insurance?  Ask about their years in business. Sample Questions list

Conduct a RECO search of Advertising and Discipline Issues

When I google your name what will I find?

When you Google David Pylyp

I know what you will find.

What are you looking for from the agent you choose?

You want someone who can handle this for you in a competent, honest and ethical fashion.

Do you want me to go to go ahead and handle the sale for you?

Call me 416 233 9000 or directly at 647 218 2414

David Pylyp
Accredited Senior Agent
RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage

Monday, August 27, 2012

Its never about the money!

Oh please! Its always about the money.

I'm David Pylyp 
A Realtor here in Toronto, Canada.

This year will be my best year in 25 years of real estate.

Here's how I'm going to do it.

I work with mostly higher end clients and luxury homes, located in Etobicoke, that's west Toronto, in the Kingsway, Princess Manor, Bloor west and High Park, Markland Wood and the Humber Bay Shores.  Also, a little bit into Mississauga,

The David Pylyp Team is built on being ethical. We really believe in our clients. They appreciate our Integrity and ethics. When I worked on Bay Street, a wise man told me that there was the ROB principle.  Results or Bullshit. We believe in the no Bullshit rule, as we share information and deliver great service.

In order to put clients interests first,  there needs to be collaboration and trust among agents. We don't do drama which distracts us from the goal of client service. Real Estate agents for some reason are generally thought to be very cut throat. We're trying to create a culture where collaboration among the agents exist.

The information that is Shared becomes very important; 
this creates Good energy and that parlays into referral business and great Word of Mouth Advertising.

I think clients today, are much more sophisticated than they ever were, because of the WEB. They have a much better understanding of all the details of the property, the structure & the overalltransaction. So therefore they are much more sophisticated than they were, even 5 years ago,  Making us, the real estate agent, a specialist at a much higher level. In order for you to have confidence in us, to be able to show you that we are experts at what we do.

The clients trust us to market their house effectively, expose it to as many people as possible, and doing so professionally, ethically and you are actually going to deliver! Do it. Not just lying to them.

I cannot tell you how many clients call and say Well I had the house listed and I was told by my agent that they would do all of these gazzillion things and they did nothing.  Acting on your words is so important. If you are not going to do it...   Don't say it. Its that Simple.

I love using the sites like, now I specifically like Google, Youtube and Jugnoo. There are other sites also and I find we need every method possible to get the properties out there. 

I find that educating the client is not harmful. Its a question of our expertise and our being able to service the client from offer to purchase, finance, inspections through to completion. Total Transaction management.

Facebook we just use to put up photography, topics of interest and to keep in touch, Pinterest draws viewers to our other web pages.  Twitter is more Engagement and up to the minute events. You cannot be afraid to spend money on marketing, Social Media and Technology.

Time and marketing can give you a very high return on your investment. Thats return on Investment. Not return on EGO. 

Technology has allowed us to be in a lot more places, in less time. If you are not keeping up with technology you are not going to survive in this world.  We need to Go after the business...  

So, you want someone who can handle things for you in a competent fashion.

Do you feel confident I can get you those results?

One of three things are going to happen;

  • List the house today
  • Decide Not to list with me
  • or Maybe I won't take the listing

Call me 416 233 9000 or directly at 647 218 2414

David Pylyp
Accredited Senior Agent
RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage

Monday, August 20, 2012

Windermere by the Lake

David Pylyp, Humber Bay Shore, Condos
Scant a few steps to Lake Ontario, your own access to the Gardiner Expressway at Windermere.  Your own exit when proceeding east into Toronto and immediately left onto Windermere Ave.

From downtown Toronto you would exit on south Kingsway, walking would bring you directly south of Bloor west Village; with all those restaurants and specialty shops along the shopping mile.

Located in south edge of Swansea; a quick search by postal code M6S 5A2  using  Hood Reports reveals the demographics that should interest you.  The Walk Score shows you what is nearby,

Sales of condominium units in the last 90 day period;
One Bedroom Units sold between $ 274.0K and $305.0K
There are 5 available today as per this posting

Two bedroom units Only one sale at $345 with SE views.
There are 7 units available for sale at this time.

Maintenance Fees are within normal averages at $ 0.595 cents per square foot.

Floorplans and a PDF of last sale details are available; send an email or use the Dream Home Finder to tell me about your Must Haves 

Windermere by The Lake is ideally located on a triangle of land between the Historic Sunnyside Beach Area of Lake Ontario, Grenedier Pond and the verdant treescape of High Park. It is without question, the most truly remarkable and unique building site in Toornto.  To the North and west you're overlooking an established neighourhood of single family homes that have remained unchanged for years. The Condominium Tower is a souring, contemporary structure of glass and steel; Offering residents uncompromising views, spectacular amenities, superior design, airy balconies and finishes unequalled in its class.
This Landlmark building is firmly grounded by a collection of traditionally styled brick and stone townhouses and patio / terrace townhomes that create a charming streetscape reflective of the neighbourhood and surroundings.

What do you think of this location?   Would you like to live here? 
Tell me ....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Have we finally hit the tipping Point?

The months stats say that the real estate market has slowed down and I wonder why?

It’s the summer time? Hottest July on Record! Poor Press in the Media?   Shortened Mortgage AMs while rates stagnate at 3%?  Gas Prices? Insurance Rates? Commuting Times?  Land Transfer Taxes 416 and 905?   

Let’s ask a different question?

If your family member was getting married…   Is it better to help them with the Wedding Expense?   Or would you forgo the wedding,   Suggest they elope, and help them purchase an appreciating asset.

Join the Poll

We continue [The GTA] to be a safe haven for money, security, jobs, education and lifestyle.   When people stop coming to Toronto, I will begin to be concerned.  The rest is just selling newspapers

How can I help your family achieve their goals this year?

David Pylyp
Living at Humber Bay Shores and watching all the condo 's being built

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Would you like Marlborough Place in Yorkville?

Located in the Heart of Toronto's upscale shopping district of Yorkville, just a few scant minutes by foot to Hazelton Lanes, exclusive shops and restaurants, the penultimate community of luxury and upscale living awaits you...   The community that welcomes you home.

Martha Crowley has redesigned this 3 storey Victorian Home with all of the most modern conveniences, each bedroom with an ensuite bath, full length glass in every room, RIFF cut satin OAK finish floors and matching [HVAC] floor vents that are flush mounted.  No detail has been overlooked.   Marble in the Kitchen with a double  under mounted sink, disposal, BOSCH built in dishwasher and Leibherr Double Door Fridge and Freezer.  Bertazzoni 5 Burner Stainless Steele Gas Stove.   Creative use of pocket doors.


Mechanicals include AC, Hi Efficiency Furnace and Insta Hot Water Systems;  In all 2,400 square feet of luxury living on 3 levels.  The Stairwell Walls have been divided with Floor to ceiling 10 foot glass panels to permit maximum sunlight!  Custom Staircase to all 3 levels.

A wood burning fireplace for those cozy nights ....

Call for your private tour....  

Where would YOU like to be?

David Pylyp

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have you been priced out of Toronto Real Estate?

Think you missed the market?  Are you concerned about prices?

If we are patient and methodical in our search and look thru everything that may be suitable; in your desired neighbourhood, we will find it.

Don't get caught up in the competition and drama of staged, perfumed houses with lipstick and fresh paint.

Consider your absolute must haves in your property purchase.

How close to the public school? Transit Needs? Shopping or other amenities.  Is it community and neighbourhood you crave?

Houses are like waiting for a bus...  Another one will be along shortly.

Sometimes waiting is hard,  but the success and joy of finding that perfect property is unmatched.

We have been helping families for 25 years in west Toronto. If you would like to talk to me you can call 416 233 9000 or my cell at 647 218 2414.

Lets find something perfect for you.

PS;  VOW [Virtual Office Website] to released shortly... Call for details

Friday, July 27, 2012

Michael Power Place Community Update

There has been so much activity for Michael Power Place in West Toronto

Values have grown steadily...

Interested in the latest stats?

See for yourself....

Contact details
for an immediate sales update

Management Office for 7 & 9 Michael Power Place
416 637 7700

Making it simpler for you to get the information you need.

David Pylyp
647 218 2414

Whats OPEN this weekend - Humber Bay Shore

We loved watching the Lifestyles of the rich and famous... Seeing how the other half lives

Here's a fun link for your Saturday or Sunday!

These are Condos that are going to be on Open House this weekend July 28 and 29th, 2012

Humber Bay Shores and Lake Shore,  Marine Parade Drive in Toronto West...

Even if you're not shopping in this price range, it's still fun to check out the Waterfront of the local market every now and then?  Don't you think? Drop in at Eden and enjoy the open air patio! 

(And of course, if you know anyone who might be interested in one of these great properties, feel free to hit reply... )   Here the link

Happy to help,

David Pylyp
Accredited Senior Agent

647 218 2414

Friday, July 20, 2012

Get a Mortgage while on Mat Leave

Looking for a house in Toronto's competitive real estate market does not always time itself perfectly for your life's circumstances. Here is how you can get a Mortgage while on Maternity Leave.

I’m Nathalie Ng. I am the Money Chick- A mortgage agent who is licensed 2 give unbiased Mortgage advice.

I've heard  new-Moms,  now with a bigger family, cannot get a mortgage.

It all depends which lender they approach & whom they are talking to. Not all lenders will approve a mortgage to someone who is on maternity leave.

I know of a lady who is looking to move up to a bigger house, what she can do?

One of my clients  just gave birth to twins. They were looking to buy a property before she got pregnant, but the pregnancy came first. A month after giving birth, they informed me that they now have twins; that they really, had to move from their condo.

So I have good news for women who are on MAT LEAVE; worried that they could not get a mortgage.
We were able to determine their level of income and debts. As a licensed mortgage agent, I was able to identify a lender who would be willing to consider her situation.
Now, many months later, they have moved into a new house where the twins have their own room.

 Its Good to help families in need…. How can Clients Reach you?
They can reach me at 416-629-1818

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is your condo price up? For how long?

Condos are usually considered starter residences with studios, one bedrooms and lofts being most desired. Singles tend to be the predominant purchasing group.  As you gather and collect things for life you also gain a spouse and child. Things constantly change.

We were expecting retirees to downsize and  occupy smaller units, but they are embracing the housing they have and renovating to make their houses suitable for long term occupancy. This includes stair glider systems, wheelchair ramps and lifts at the front entrance plus other bath and lift aids. Walk in and Sit down Shower Conversions.

In a condo we agree to follow the Rules and Regulations. Declare Tenant Occupancy,  you get to do what you want inside not on the outside; Pet Restrictions, No wild parties, no excessive noise, Parking in new buildings is often limited. TTC ridership is encouraged. Auto Sharing?

Many decisions and obligations are made for you  so really you are making a lifestyle selection.  You have the right to pay maintenance fees. The costs for heat and hydro, water and garbage removal, (a house's garbage pick up is included, condo's pay tipping) additional amenities like a concierge can easily run to 58 cents per square foot.  The bigger the building, the better the sharing, but now you have more suites per floor in higher structures. Do you have a Rec center?

What will be the Future Values?

We have had an unprecedented run up in values that has continued unabated since 2000.  (There was  a blip in 2008 that recovered almost immediately in 2009). These exceptional growth years are expected to soften slightly going into 2014.  (PDF from CMHC)  As tenant demand decreases first prices will soften for rents, then prices will begin to adjust for unit costs. Toronto currently has 1.1% vacancy. 

CMHC projects average values at $420 - $495 per square foot as sustainable and supported by the Toronto condo resale market.   If you are buying at higher values you need to examine your addition amenities.

Annual appreciation on condos has been about 5 % per year on average. As buildings age they tend to stay within the rate of inflation for per square foot prices while maintenance fees continue to increase. Mandatory Reserve Fund studies are revisiting the minimum required contribution limits at 10% as inadequate. This is forcing many Condo Corporations to make the hard realistic choices they have evaded. 

So what's my conclusion?

I could never afford to live in the location I have; at High Park over looking Lake Ontario, in a single detached home, (The Opening Video scene is shot from my condo window) If It was not in a condominium. The same very quickly applies to being in the downtown core.  With larger units, 3 bedrooms plus den, does not appear to have sustained demand due to cost. IE 1.5 million plus.

If you want the lifestyle and location, it's great.  As an investment, with the additional expense of upkeep, maintenance fees and services, condos may not deliver the promised return. 

What do you think?