Monday, January 25, 2010

Dirty Secrets - Online Evaluations

So everyone wants to give you a free market evaluation.

You found an online evaluation site that you clicked. You completed the sign in data on a "squeeze Page" and expected something to arrive in your email inbox of your home's value.

This prospect lead was sold through a string of companies to the "local" Realtor that will pay the most for that particular postal code. The company is not selling credibility. They are selling your name and your phone phone number to the highest bidder. This has no bearing on the skill or experience of the person who will return your call.

Go on the internet and start looking for a realtor who is strong and prominent on the internet in addition to video marketing and has experience in your locale. Google Me

My operating area is from the 427 at the QEW encompassing the Humber Bay Shores community and going west into Oakville. This allows me to react to sign calls and client inquiries within a half hour.

I will need to see the inside of our house because you, understand, that two homes can be very similar from the outside, but may be very different on the inside. They have had different upgrades over their lifetime with different owners. This permits me to provide a closer estimate of your homes value and realistic expectations.

Ask around, Google me. Then call. 905 361 3387

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