Monday, January 25, 2010

Dirty Secrets Over Pricing Your Home

Real Estates dirty little secrets; Agents entensively use and are trained to Over price listings in their presentations.

By providing you the highest value at the listing table they appeal to normal human nature and your greed. They flatter you. They tell you how marvelous your house shows. You could have an extra 10 or 15% in your pocket. They will "TRY"

But that's not the reality it seems.

Instead of being sold in 15 to 21 days, you are still making the beds, cleaning the dishes, tidying after the kids rooms, attending to extra details on a daily basis and wondering why your house has not sold when others have.

The exact question you should be asking is "People have looked at our home and they choose to buy another?" Is it the Price or Condition.

So your agent expired the listing, leaves the sign on the lawn for two or three weeks then revives the listing 5% lower than before. [He or She] has received 8 or 10 usable sign calls that they have placed [sold]families into other properties, and they have maintained a neighbourhood presence.

They are using you and you will possibly reward them by renewing the listing yet again.

This is not the type of business I am seeking. I do not like to BUY your business or use Switch and Bait techniques. I will not change sides after I have listed the property, to negotiate to the benefit of the Buyer. I will not use everything detail I have learned about you, your family or your motivation to sell as a bargaining technique.

Property Purchasers are seeking listings and neighbourhood information on line 11 to 17 months prior to their move; Find an agent who is Tech Savvy enough to market online to this group of Home Buyers.

You need to know that I will make every legal and ethical effort to get you the best deal in the shortest marketing period. Lets Talk about your Dream Home http://Bit.Ly/GetDave or Just Google me David Pylyp

No one cares about what I learned in my 20 years in real estate. You only want to know what I can do for you and your family today. I welcome your inquiries Call 905 361 3387 or email me at

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bettyb said...

You sound professional and you don't use strong arm tactics. How refreshing!
Let's hope you get calls on this from people who actually want to sell their existing house and move on to their next dream home!