Friday, January 9, 2015

E Signatures for Toronto Real Estate

Some would have you believe that unless we are using the latest technology break through we could be wasting your time.

When I sell your home in Toronto; The offer will always start too low.  We will negotiate that offer until it is acceptable to  you as the Home Owner.  You are paying for Explanations, understanding, insights and experience.

If you are blessed with multiple offers (on most detached homes) I want to hold each offer and see agent representing his Buyers. I want to understand their capacity, motivation and ability to close. 

Sure I can flip the contract copy into an iPad and scroll thru the screens.

We will use PDF'd documents to print and read, scan and save and distribute the finished product to;

  • Accounting for transaction management
  • Lawyers
  • Selling Agents
  • Buyers Agents
  • Home Sellers (Each Party to the transaction)
  • Insurance Broker
  • Mortgage / Bank

All these can also be deposited into a shared dropbox or saved (digitized) on a thumb drive.

 I thought electronic contracts and e-signatures were the best technology tool since sliced bread. And, used properly, it still is. Contracts can be signed at the consumer’s convenience and that can be a huge benefit for busy lives. All too often, though, e-signatures serve the agent or brokerage more than the client. There are situations where the client is best served with an in-depth explanation of the documents, but they are given an e-signature package instead.
This was one of my hardest realizations of 2014 – I was completely guilty of choosing convenience over great representation. I told myself it was for the convenience of the client, but it really made my job a lot easier. This is not cool, it is bullshit.

Why is Ontario in such a dither? A document to transfer title in real property cannot be currently created in conflict with the E Commerce Act.  So emailing an offer is easier; but not legal. It needs to be faxed or handed in. It can be negotiated electronically, but needs final (IRL) original signatures and conveyance of Acceptance.  ( HEY WE bought / sold your house clearly communicated.)

We are in a SERVICE business, our business is Face to Face or Belly to Belly. I hope we are gathered around your kitchen table planning your event.  I am very technology capable with Video, Social Media and Computer File Sharing.  There are thousands of APPs that help.

None replace experience.

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