Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oakville Are You being seen?

With technology in 2K10 it is easier for shoppers on line, to find anything they seek. Buyers relocating to [their] future towns and neighbourhoods for employment are coming to the mecca of Toronto.

The Oakville scene is a happening little place (2006 population 165,613 [2]) is a town in Halton Region, on Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario, Canada, and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. Wiki Oakville You are indeed a part of the Greater Toronto Area.

This is important. In this information age of technology and sharing of data, why, why would you become exclusionary in who gets your data. Are you going to build a little electronic fence? Who or What element are you trying to keep out?

If I was a home seller in Oakville, I want my information broadcast, SCREAMED, smoke signaled and distributed in every fashion possible to any potential prospect or people looking on line. The logic of this decision escapes me, however the Oakville Real Estate Board has chosen to make it more challenging for it's membership to load and share data with the Toronto Real Estate Board.

The TREB currently has 31,000 paid up members that share in 84,000 ('2009) transactions within the Toronto Real estate trading area. Last year those statistics included W21. UMM Oakville sold 1,670 units. You could get the detailed sales history for w21 for the last 12 month period if you click here; but its incomplete. I need to go to the Oakville Milton board too?

See remarks above ... Why WHY WHY would you not want your listing shared with 31,000 eager, hungry, creative and enthusiastic agents willing to complete a transaction, buyer or seller for you?

If you are considering the sale of your home;
  • Is it possible that the purchaser is not an Oakville Native?
  • Could the buyer be stepping past the border from Mississauga to Oakville?
  • A Move up buyer from Toronto?
  • Do you feel this is the best way to market your home?
  • New to Canada?
  • Corporate Relocation?

Add your perspective...

I thought that technology broke down barriers and expanded the information available.

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