Thursday, August 1, 2013

You Can't hit a home run every time!

Roberto Alomar Photo Cred 
We all want those plum commissions for sales of $700k to 800 thousand dollars. While out door knocking, I happened upon a nice fellow who did want to sell his Etobicoke townhouse. 

I had the grande tour; made some housekeeping and staging suggestions and prepared for the big question. 

How much is your commission rate?

I responded with a variety of options to select what might be suitable; The Plus, Premium and Prestige Commission Programs.  Was there another property involved? Was there a purchase on the other side? Was there another "end" somewhere to soften the commission concession.

No matter how I responded I seemed to frustrate the seller. Then he said 

"You can't hit a home run with every deal."

We all talk about justifying our value proposition, but unless the Seller can see tangible value our real estate commission rate has become a commodity. We need to be competitive and intune with our local market.

My conclusion is that it is better to earn less and more often than hold out for the higher commissions in a business where everyone claims to do the same job.  Other times you may indeed be blessed with a full commission.

Sometimes you need to just keep hitting those single base hits, to load the bases and keep those runs adding up!

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