Friday, January 8, 2010

Flash Reporting to Catch your eye

Fasten your seatbelts, home buyers

Interest rates are about to start rocketing higher. Savers, get ready

Thats the headline from the Globe and Mail;

Is this accurate? Possibly; Interest rates do seem poised to increase with continued demand.

Will Interest rates SKYROCKET into the.. what stratosphere, of 18 or 20% like in the '80's. Interest rates will have potentially, some increases that could move them up a few points. Canada's economy and business sector is delicate. The US even more so. The Politicians and economists are divided on how to tinker with the rates for the sake of dollar exchange, business and employment.

Why would you post a headline and picture like that? Are sales so bad at the Globe and Mail you need to terrify people with their morning Kindle?

Does this kind of [FALSE or EMBELLISHED] headline grabbing irritate anyone else?

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