Friday, January 29, 2010

A moment with Tom Adams Oakville

I recently had the distinct pleasure to meet and interview Tom Adams Councillor Ward 6 of the town of Oakville.

The gentlemen is well spoken, informed, reserved and deserves to be where he is. This conversation lead me to a better understanding of the intricate nature of services provided by the local municipal government and the people that they serve.

This goes further than the Community Recreation Center and when will they allow equal hockey ice time to all (recently a news item in Toronto) but to the larger issues that speak to governance of municipal assets like land, air and water. Halton Region and Oakville are embarking on the construction of a new hospital at the intersection of Third Line and Dundas; There is a power plant proposal for increased hydro availability near the Ford Plant on Royal Windsor Dr, Oakville has recently upgraded their transit system with new improved transit routes for commuters to down town Toronto's Bay street.

Have a listen to Tom Adams.

Oakville does have higher development charges than surrounding communities and that does effect growth. Nevertheless Oakville continues to be a sought after community in the west Toronto GTA. With a vibrant and growing Transit System, New Hospital, proposed and improving Recreational Facilities Oakville does seem poised to continue its stellar growth.

If you would like information about this community, please call 647 218 2414 or write me email:

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