Friday, October 31, 2014

What is it about you that is different?

We need a truly open and transparent system that has the consumer's confidence. that is now
Not harboring secrets - which is really just a simpler, easier-to-execute conception of “transparency” - can be really powerful.  We have all heard the phrase The truth will set you free.

I am a Realtor with RE/MAX Realty Specialists. Inc.  here in Toronto
I have been practicing real estate sales for over 25 years now.
I love what I do 
I enjoy providing real estate services to my clients because I feel that I provide them with much more than just buying and selling advice or real estate opinion.
I go well beyond that....
Being able to provide them with a common sense approach...
Its really important for me to maintain long term relationships with my clients.
We find that within our Accredited Senior Agent group we can draw on the skills and resources of many different people, expertise in Appraisal, Taxation, Donations of goods,  to much needed Financial and Retirement Pension Income Planning.
This works very well for our Mature Clients.
I'm always looking for ways to improving what I do and offering that added service to my clients.
I feel the need to get the information to Home Owners and especially Boomers. There are so many issues with aging and clients not having the proper information.
The way I do this is through Social Media. So whether it is Video, through my website, through blogs, or thru Facebook and Twitter, 
I make sure, almost on a daily basis, I'm communicating with my audience.
Etobicoke Real Estate; Is really about dealing with people and their needs.

How can I help you?    Call me!  @ 647 218 2414 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kipling and Dundas at Six Points update

You saw it was boarded up. In that empty plaza that has been fenced?  Yeah! The Canadian Tire Store along the Dundas and Six Points Plaza; Just within sight of Apache burgers and the Tridel complex of 5 buildings; the Essex and Nuvo's

The newest cousin will be called the The Kip District, a master-planned community that will include 1,500 homes in five buildings, along with shops and eateries, green spaces and a public central square.
Fabulous addition to Homes in West Toronto 

More details here;
The result is The Kip District, a master-planned community that will include 1,500 homes in five buildings, along with shops and eateries, green spaces and a public central square.
Gray notes the previous plan for redeveloping the site called for short, slab-style buildings, with big footprints covering up to 10,000 square feet. The Kip District’s five towers will be considerably slimmer — with 7,000-square-foot floor plates — and taller, ranging from 20 to 36 storeys, all on four-storey podiums. “It’s a much better plan,” he says.
The city agrees. Its Design Review Panel last January called Concert’s proposal “a positive change from earlier plans.”
The first phase of The Kip District — the community could take up to a decade to complete — will be a 28-storey tower with 283 suites. Designed by Page & Steele/IBI Group Architects, the condo will be built to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification and reach Tier 2 Toronto Green Standards.
The second phase of The Kip District will see the addition of retail space at the base of condo buildings along Dundas St. W., and the creation of a central public square, which the five buildings will surround. “Public space is the focal point here,” says Gray.
Suites at The Kip District range from 500 to 900 square feet. All will have balconies or patios. Prices start in the low $200,000s.

Superb addition of affordable housing into the west condo market in Toronto.  This utilizes the existing transit hubs at Kipling for downtown employees or commuting opportunities into the 905 just over the border of Highway 427.   This complex will be the third major development [Michael Power by Pemberton and Tridels on the Dundas and Kipling.]  

Hopefully the Court House proposal [made for the Westwood Theater Site] and interchange redevelopment can be revived.

What do you think?  Good or Bad?


Monday, June 2, 2014

Selling By Yourself - The CLAIM of Not Knowing

What you don't know- Can Eat you
Selling by Owner FSBO and ignoring legal obligations because you didn't know; The arrogance and avoidance of obligations will not absolve you of your duties by not knowing... 

Here is a situation here ... 

A home is sold and the Agreement of Purchase and sale contains conditions for Home Inspections and Financing. The date for fulfillment of condition is June 2, 2014. Seller is away until June 1, 2014. Appraiser needs to access the property. Home inspection will be done only after financing in place. 

Seller (listed with a "Marketing Company"....* ) does not seem to want to cooperate. Will not provide access. ( we cannot go in if they are not there; There is no lock box. The Seller is not answering the phone or email. ) Sellers feel they have done enough to sell the house and are not involved.

(Buyers want the house but with home inspection done) 

I have left messages and emailed seller a note, asking for extension of the date for fulfillment.  But no response at all. 

After signed the contract with me. He then signed the contract with another agent. As I delivered the accepted offer indicating the acceptance, he was terrified and asked me to talk to buyers out of the deal .... 

My Buyers want the house ... period.  They signed a contract first. You accepted.

What's the lesson?  The pain of loss - let the sellers know the deal will fall through if they don't play nice. Have the buyer's lawyer call them if necessary. Move things around to get it done but let your buyers know it may still fall apart. The pain of losing is a great motivator.

Brian Madigan says; "The seller is under a legal obligation to cooperate and a Court will enforce that. The seller can't simply change is mind and thwart the process. However, you need your ducks in a row for the buyer. Deliver a request in writing and by mail and by registered mail that the seller let the appraiser into the residence ASAP, and same thing with the home inspector. I do appreciate that you may have some costs thrown away here, if the deal never goes through."

All of these responsibilities; explaining, guidance and experience come from the Listing Agent. I will bring a property to market, stage the sale, host and frame the negotiation and then shepard the transaction through waivers and conditions to closing.

While the Mere Listing companies like COMFREE and Property Guys claim they provide a valuable service, in my opinion they are leaving Sellers exposed alone and legally vulnerable when they are providing Marketing Services only.

What do you think?  

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Borrow for the Estate to make needed repairs

We can lend you the money to fix Mom's house BEFORE you sell.

There are resources available, from my team of professions, to make repairs to your parents house; repair and repaint. Drywall if needed. Make cosmetic updates to help sell the property for the highest dollar. This is preferred to selling a property that might be tagged Handy Man Special or Needs some TLC.

We can contract these services directly to completely freshen the paint colours, declutter and empty out the property, dispose and donate unneeded furnishings.

Carpeting can be removed or replaced and updated, changed out for hardwood floors for maximum  impact with first impressions.

All these expenses can be termed into the services provided in addition to listing the home for sale.  Contractors can add their construction liens to the title to secure payment at a future date ie 90- 120 days. 

An outright mortgage can be advanced from a PRIVATE MONEY mortgage lender, as a FIRST Mortgage, against the property should the repairs and updates require something more substantial. Things like wiring updates to eliminate Knob and Tube or Chimney Repairs/ Roofing are worthwhile added values as they assist the future owners with repair they would be making in the future. *BEAR IN MIND that the interest rates will be more like a VISA card, still secured by the property, will require a lawyer to secure the mortgage, plus mortgage brokerage, appraisal and application fees.  Your credit is not an issue as this is against an estate asset.  The Estate Trustee must have the authority to encumber the estate's assets.

With Warranties up to date and Bills of Work done in hand, Buyers can satisfy themselves with the changes they would like to make further.  Properties with updated wiring are easier to insure.

If you need to make repair and update systems give us a call to see if we can help you bring the property to market at a higher net value to you.

David Pylyp
Sales Representative
RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage
 416 233 9000 or direct at 647 218 2414

Park Lake Residences - Humber Views

The magnificence of Humber Bay, long summer days of watching sunsets and the sparkling waters of Lake Ontario.   Merely cross the street at Ellis Avenue, near the Sunnyside Pavilion, to enjoy possibly  the best poutine stand along Toronto's waterfront.

Property Details

Park Lake Residences is a twin tower mid rise upscale condominium development from Pemberton (c. 2010)  containing 287 Suites and four floors of above grade parking within the podium levels plus a roof top open air terrance on the fifth floor, for gatherings and barbeques.

Additional Photo Stream

Property Video Tour

To view this property or others in Humber Bay Shore or #bythewater  please contact

David Pylyp
Sales Representative
RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage

416 233 9000   or direct 647 218 2414

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Real Estate Commissions Revealed

The Big Elephant in the Room about Commissions in Toronto Real Estate.
Everyone wants the lowest commission. We all want to save.

Real Estate Fees are negotiable but there are so many service levels available.

So, What's different?

I provide an unmatched marketing plan and put this in writing.

There is a video library of Testimonials; My Reviews Just click here 

Ask How much the agent will spend on marketing, Printing Brochures and related Marketing Costs;

Video Tours and Hi Res Photo's 

Do they have Visible Online Advertising and use Social Media 

Do they keep up to date with legislation and rapidly changing technology.

REBATES dont matter when 10's of thousands are lost at the negotiation table or the promised buyers never appear.

And Not all real estate agents provide the same service.

I have observed mistakes that cost people money and STUDY how to avoid them. If, I prepare for potential problems and practice those solutions, I will make you money.

Our group has written guidelines on how multiple offers will be handled so that everything is fair, transparent and above board.  You know you have made the right decision.

Real Estate Services are about providing Value and being available. Communication and Trust are critical. When you call, I will answer my own phone. YOU WILL HAVE WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORTS

I KNOW YOU are not just looking for a house; YOU are looking for where you will spend your life.

I would like to meet with you to demonstrate my value; HOW I walk with you through the entire home buying and selling experience. 

I can be reached at 647 218 2414

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Was there ever a competing offer? Or did they just imply...

google-site-verification: google8f30ea4b25e0f0b2.html There is no greater feeling of dread then when you are making an offer on a property and the Listing Agents says "THERE ARE COMPETING OFFERS"

Real Estate Regulations - Increasing Transparency in Multiple Offer Transactions

Ministry:Ministry of Consumer Services
Regulation Number(s):Ontario Regulation 567/05 General
Ontario Regulation 580/05 Code of Ethics
Bill or Act:Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002
Summary of Proposal:The ministry is seeking input on proposals that strengthen the transparency of real estate bidding practices

The Stronger Protection for Ontario Consumers Act, 2013 strengthens the integrity of real estate bidding practices and increases the transparency in multiple offer situations by:
- Requiring real estate salespersons and brokers acting on behalf of a buyer to only present written offers
- Prohibiting real estate professionals from indicating they have an offer, unless they have that offer in writing
- Requiring brokers acting for the seller to retain copies of all written offers received or other prescribed documents
- Permitting anyone making a written offer on a property to ask RECO's Registrar to report the number of written offers on that property.

We want your opinions on two key areas:

1)What information should be included "other prescribed documents"?

2)How long should real estate professionals be required to retain unsuccessful offers or the other prescribed documents? 
Further Information:Click to open  Real Estate Regulations    (Download Adobe Reader)
Click to open Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 
Proposal Number:14-MCS009

If it turn out that there are no other offers; you have the right take yours back.
Here's how.

This Offer is being submitted on the basis that it is part of a Multiple Offer. If the Seller receives no other offer by 10:00 p.m. today, the Seller will notify the Buyer or the Buyer's Agent, and the Buyer will have one hour from such notification to revise or revoke their offer. If the Seller accepts the Buyer's offer, the Seller's agent will provide the name, address and contact numbers for the Brokerage and the agent that submitted the competing offer.

If they shop your offer,meaning that you sent your offer in, and they held it for a day, all while procuring different offers to compete; then dismissed you out of hand, YOU also have remedy.  SIMPLY PUT

The have your offer for a day, Then tell you they have accepted another. 

Not happy with this? They shopped your bid. You were in a bidding war and you didn't know it.They did not disclose. If your clients want the property, RECO can't get it for them. Consider suing the vendors. Their agent's actions are binding upon them. Sue, apply for a Certificate of Pending Litigation, register that against title and you'll soon see some changes in attitudes.

Let's be better informed out there.  A Registered Offer means that the offer is signed and ready to be presented with a reasonable time frame available.

Would you like to talk about buying or Selling? 
Call me at 647 218 2414 or email 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Have the stones to say..... This house is wrong for you

You want someone to tell you;
You may be over paying for this house
WOW Look at high water mark
Gheez this wiring is old
Are you sure about this neighbourhood?

Would you want someone to say "The market will go forever?" or

This is not the house you are looking for?

Now...  Let's go spend some real money!
David Pylyp  Sales Representative, Accredited Senior Agent
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,  Brokerage

If I could save you $30,000

If I could save you  $30,000 on your home purchase would you buy your next house with me?  Actual dollar savings*  

Having the correct financial financial advice and save you hundreds of dollars per month in ongoing mortgage costs.   On a five year mortgage term this can be substantial savings.

We recommend and have representatives from 
Astrum Financial
Mortgage Alliance
TD Canada Trust
Royal Bank

*Savings May Vary according to how much you borrow

Lets get started   Call Today   416 233 9000
David Pylyp Sales Representative, Accredited Senior Agent,
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Brokerage


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Home Sellers Insurance

Home Sellers Insurance Package

What would you do if your home closing was delayed or fell through at the last minute?

This can happen and may cost Home Buyers or Sellers thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses. Unfortunately, the only recource for many people is to get involved with costly litigation with no certainty they will revover their additional costs.

David Pylyp now provides you with a safer dependable solution.  Canadian Home Shield Home Closing Insurance paid for by me, David Pylyp, your real estate agent, provides you with coverage for irrecoverable extra costs resulting from unforseen delays or failures in your home closing. As a client of David Pylyp Realtor under this program you will be provided with $25,000 in coverage from the original closing date.

extra Costs that could occur**

Legal Fees
Moving and Storage
Temporary Accommodations
Living Expenses
Bank Charges and Interest
Mortgage and Interest Payments

TORONTO SELLERS ARE ESPECIALLY VULNERABLE when buyers are unable to close. 

Maybe their offer to Finance was withdrawn.
The house may not have appraised as their financing required.
Maybe they over extended themselves prior to the closing.

There are many ongoing extra costs to maintain a home that has failed to close, that come into play when you have already purchased another home. Gas
Interest on Bridge / Blanket Mortgages

Best of all this coverage is provided to you;
The best protection possible; peace of mind, Confidence and Security

When you buy or sell a home with David Pylyp
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.
416 233 9000  or direct 647 218 2414

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shopping for an Etobicoke Home? You need this...

Why you want to buy Etobicoke Homes with David Pylyp?

We Take the worries and doubt out of the Purchase Process. The Biggest concerns are around the mechanical systems within the home*

Now we have a dependable safe Solution to protect you after your home's closing. Canadian Home Shield SafeClose  Home Systems and Appliance Breakdown is Paid for by ME*

By David Pylyp when you purchase with our Team*

Central Heating System / Built in Wall unit in Condos
Central Air Conditioning / Heat Pump
Interior Plumbing
Interior Electrical
Water Heater that is owned

Includes Appliances:
Refrigerator/  Freezer
Range/Oven/Cooktop [Gas or Electric]
Built in Microwave Oven
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Sump Pump
Garage Door Opener
Garbage Disposal
Trash Compactor

Does that remove the hesitation from your home purchase?
Lets get started.
Call now
David Pylyp
RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc.,
416 233 9000

You can protect yourself from unexpected costly breakdowns of Home Systems or Appliances.  This can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs or unexpected replacement.

Finding Tenants for your condo

If you want Toronto Tenants, you need to ask the Right Tenant Questions....

You may not ask 

  • Do you want Kids?
  • What is your ethnic back ground?
  • Are you Gay or Lesbian?
  • What is your religious Back ground?
Or you will land at the Human Right Tribunal.

You may ask

  • What is your income?
  • Where do you work?
  • How many people will be living here and what are their names?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Will you be operating a home based business?
  • What do you do when you can't sleep?

You could ask;
Tell me about yourself and watch their voluntary disclosures.
Remind them you need references, a credit bureau and you will be making enquiries.

You can ask for First and Last Month's Rent

  • No Key Money 
  • No Security Deposits
  • No Cleaning Deposits

No 3, 4 or 6 months in advance because they are new to Canada.

Because THEY [your prospective tenants] even if they agree, cannot be held to comply with what is illegal with the Landlord Tribunal. A Tenant application at the Tribunal will result in all of those deposits / charges refunded immediately.

Real Estate Investment - Condo Investment is so popular because it currently guarantees a 97.5% success rate.  (Sheriff's evictions result in less than 2.5% of all rentals) There is no rent control on units constructed post 1991. Even at 25% down per unit; someone is paying your mortgage for you.

Will there be fewer people living in Toronto in 20 years? Is 1% per year on your savings the return you need to retire?

So.... What are we waiting for? 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Toronto Housing Bubble - NOT

If we did not have CMHC backed financing, you would require a minimum of 20% down. Amortizations were available to 30 years and beyond.  Investors never had the opportunity to have these cash flows on rentals.   Toronto currently has a vacancy factor near 1.4% 

Compare with 20 years ago
Rentals are subject to Landlord Tribunal control, except for properties built after Nov. 1991.  You can raise the rent to what ever the market will bare.

If one million people could come to Canada  would they?  Why?
Health Care, Financial Safe Haven, No war, Democracy, Education, Employments, Schools, Universities, Freedom of Religion. What Have we left off?

Aging demographics
Advances in home care, personal improvements into a property, technology for elevators, stair sliders, lowered cabinets, accessible bathrooms, attention to geriatric medicine are making living in our homes a reality for much longer, often a live in caregiver is possible making our term of ownership much longer.

Will Prices drop?  Why would they, at 3% and reducing numbers of homes for sale there is competition for product.  

When will you buy?    Lets talk about it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homes Sold on Toronto MLS®

Everyone loves to get a deal, whether it's the thrill of the shopping; the negotiation or the money that stays in your pocket. With competition for detached homes and townhouses in Toronto, many online realtors have been quick to offer their customers deals and rebates along with their normal service offerings.

What many don't know is that not all real estate are created equal – some agents offer bigger discounts or apparently better products than others. Some of the most popular sites offer up to 100% off on listings and rebates on what you buy.

Additionally, there are different types of sites that promise—anything from a Rebates like Rogers, with FASTER from Zoocasa or implied SAVINGS from COMFREE that compare how much you can save from a 6% sales commission. Deals come in all varieties and facets. Savvy deal seekers are discovering these sites that are heavily promoted tend not to deliver what is promised.

Can you get listings FASTER? Every realtor draws information from the same database. New listings are available to me instantly and I can send you listings immediately, directly to your inbox with a Buyers Profile and BRA at  Are there more listings available?  Claims of We have *ALL* the listings, yes if you you want new home construction listed as homes available for sale (that are not yet built) I have that too, are effectively puffery or embellishment.

Listings that show available on may already have a sale pending and we may not even be able to go see it, as mere listingsdo not report as diligenty.

Another site will give you sold data by street or neighbourhood. Homes Sold on Toronto MLS® Yes, that information is available by postal code anonymously at  or you can send an email with the address and I will respond promptly, without stalking you through this tackk.

Do you work for free? Are you good at what you do? Then, you should get paid. The DISCOUNT BROKERS concept offering $1 for selling a house is silliness. Attending at your home to help you decide what you what, give you guidance, answer your questions provide Computers, licensing, forms, time, effort and attending at properties with you PLUS being liable makes this concept great on paper but a non starter in reality.  When you are out shopping with an agent you want the insights of what has sold and questions answered that are unique to your situation.  I make house calls.

Why the Best Deals are Unknown

Many agents are now aware of "POCKET LISTINGS" Most consumers expect that the Realtor that advertises the most must have the best deals. This is a common misconception. Not all great agents have maintained ad budgets as response rates have dropped off dramatically.  Email and Direct mail is suffering a similar fate. A better reality would be to promote your new listing to each agent who has listed or sold recently in that pocket. 
Even if these smaller real estate brokerages had the ability to advertise as much, they would choose not to do so. You see, most houses are selling in multiple offers and with that limited quantity we are simply running out of inventory. No agent wants to advertise a deal that was sold a week ago while the magazine is on the shelf for another two weeks. I can't make good for all customers right?

That's why the best agents intentionally stay out of the spotlight and developed a word-of-mouth business. WOM. The result—those deal seekers who are in the know on which agents provide superior service and knowledge, will simply save you the most money and get the best deals. They recommend their friends peers and family members.  You can find them on Google or with Youtube Video's.

How Do I Find the Best Deal Sites?

Continue to keep your eyes open for new FOR SALE signs in your desired neighbourhood. Check your email daily for new listings and price updates. We can start a door knocking campaign to find a home for you. 

Are you ready? 

No matter how many books you read, no matter how many pamphlets, unless you have genuine experience in the process of buying and selling a house or condominium you are not prepared to navigate the sales documentation and lending process.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm singularly over rated

"I'm overrated," David Pylyp said.

"Home Buying" is a team sport. What I was good at was assembling a strong team, setting the goal and plan together then executing that strategy, but I'm just one guy."

We need a strong selection process. Input from your spouse on schools and neighbourhoods. Tacit approval from your kids on the big move.

If your intended home is not currently on the market we will need to canvass FSBO's, negotiate with mere listers and door knock individual homeowners in your desired neighbourhood.

Other team members;
  • Your home inspector's diligent eye to point out costly and needed repairs.
  • Your Independent mortgage broker to find you the best terms conditions and interest rate.
  • Your real estate lawyer, who through decades of experience knows exactly what rebates apply to First Time Buyers and challenges for Non Residents. esp when a two car garage is a one and half or who owns the mutual drive.
  • The trades people who come in and repaint, repair, re install new flooring or carpets prior to your move in date.
  • The LockSmithy who comes in to rekey your front door to deter unexpected visitors.
  • To attending at your lawyers for the closing and then later to collect and deliver your key.

Each team member plays a vital and complementary role in contributing to your successful and smooth transaction.

That's what it's about... right?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Will you believe I can deliver what I promise?

There is a new business model you can see @ banks or insurance brokers. Its the professional application taker. They fill out the required forms, enter the data, smile and nod, agree with you, then send you an email saying they can't help or something else is wrong with your file. No explanation or solution is provided. The problems you've got left, are probably the difficult ones. 

We all want to find discount answers to our problems. Find the solution that's guaranteed to work, takes little time and even less effort. Of course, problems that lend themselves to bargain solutions have already been solved. What we're left with are the problems that take ridiculous amounts of effort, untold resources and the bravery to attempt something we have never done before; that might not work. Knowing this before we start will help you allocate the right resources... or choose not to start at all. 

This problem, might not be worth the effort it's going to take. If it is, then you need to pay up. I work on a contingency basis. I am paid upon successful completion of the sale and I cover all the marketing expenses. We should talk, otherwise you are with a professional application taker. Not many answers there.

The Most important question.  It's not:

  • Is my price low enough? 

  • Is it reliable enough?

  • Do I offer enough?

  • Am I promising enough? 

  • No, the most important question in marketing something to someone who hasn't purchased it before is;  "Do you trust me enough to believe my promises?"
    Without that, you have nothing.

    Saturday, February 15, 2014

    Can a single image define your brand?

    I am trying to develope a singular video image that will relay who and where I am in less than 2-3 seconds as an intro for video's  

    Branding Can you articulate your USP?: How could I better describe I'm in Toronto?  A single Concept to visually engage you to stay a few seconds or minute longer on my video

    There is huge competition for attention span

    Is image A or B better?

    If I can help you reach out.... 

    Monday, January 20, 2014

    More competition and Price Increases in 2014

    Fewer homes will be on the market; stronger multiple offer competition, Buyers prepared with letters of approval from their lenders or they will be left standing on the curb as an unrepresented buyer wondering what happened?  2014 will continue with price increases and competition for detached homes in Toronto that outpace the rate of inflation.

    Detached Homes will have the best return as Millennials compete to remain in Toronto's City Center. Last year the Toronto Real Estate Board sold 87,000 units. That's over 85,000 in 2012. The average price of all types of Homes in Toronto was at $520 thousand. This is up a collective 9% year over year,  the average price of a detached house in the 416 is topping out at $864 thousand, and there are 5% fewer available for sale. This is going to cause 
    more price increases, multiple offers and competition this year. The average price of a house in the 905 have moved itself to $627,000 dollars .

    Many are opting to compete in the downtown Toronto core for rental properties,
    There is currently a 1.4% vacancy factor in Toronto. People are downtown as families, not as expected as singles and retirees.

    Seniors are staying in their homes longer by making them suitable to their long term occupancy. This adds to the lack of inventory that's available for sale.

    Affordability is playing a huge factor in the housing market.

    There is so much information available for you online. From Hood Data Reports by postal code, to finding out the house History with 

    Verified Home Reports, to actually buying Condominium Insurance to guard against a Special Assessment.

    You need someone to sift through all that data. Someone to help you interpret the numbers. If you have a sincere real estate challenge, a problem to deal with, give me a call. I've got 25 years of experience.
    I available at 647 218 2414

    Detached Vs Condo / Townhouse Prices

    Affordability VS Income

    Hood Data reports available by postal code