Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm singularly over rated

"I'm overrated," David Pylyp said.

"Home Buying" is a team sport. What I was good at was assembling a strong team, setting the goal and plan together then executing that strategy, but I'm just one guy."

We need a strong selection process. Input from your spouse on schools and neighbourhoods. Tacit approval from your kids on the big move.

If your intended home is not currently on the market we will need to canvass FSBO's, negotiate with mere listers and door knock individual homeowners in your desired neighbourhood.

Other team members;
  • Your home inspector's diligent eye to point out costly and needed repairs.
  • Your Independent mortgage broker to find you the best terms conditions and interest rate.
  • Your real estate lawyer, who through decades of experience knows exactly what rebates apply to First Time Buyers and challenges for Non Residents. esp when a two car garage is a one and half or who owns the mutual drive.
  • The trades people who come in and repaint, repair, re install new flooring or carpets prior to your move in date.
  • The LockSmithy who comes in to rekey your front door to deter unexpected visitors.
  • To attending at your lawyers for the closing and then later to collect and deliver your key.

Each team member plays a vital and complementary role in contributing to your successful and smooth transaction.

That's what it's about... right?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Will you believe I can deliver what I promise?

There is a new business model you can see @ banks or insurance brokers. Its the professional application taker. They fill out the required forms, enter the data, smile and nod, agree with you, then send you an email saying they can't help or something else is wrong with your file. No explanation or solution is provided. The problems you've got left, are probably the difficult ones. 

We all want to find discount answers to our problems. Find the solution that's guaranteed to work, takes little time and even less effort. Of course, problems that lend themselves to bargain solutions have already been solved. What we're left with are the problems that take ridiculous amounts of effort, untold resources and the bravery to attempt something we have never done before; that might not work. Knowing this before we start will help you allocate the right resources... or choose not to start at all. 

This problem, might not be worth the effort it's going to take. If it is, then you need to pay up. I work on a contingency basis. I am paid upon successful completion of the sale and I cover all the marketing expenses. We should talk, otherwise you are with a professional application taker. Not many answers there.

The Most important question.  It's not:

  • Is my price low enough? 

  • Is it reliable enough?

  • Do I offer enough?

  • Am I promising enough? 

  • No, the most important question in marketing something to someone who hasn't purchased it before is;  "Do you trust me enough to believe my promises?"
    Without that, you have nothing.

    Saturday, February 15, 2014

    Can a single image define your brand?

    I am trying to develope a singular video image that will relay who and where I am in less than 2-3 seconds as an intro for video's  

    Branding Can you articulate your USP?: How could I better describe I'm in Toronto?  A single Concept to visually engage you to stay a few seconds or minute longer on my video

    There is huge competition for attention span

    Is image A or B better?

    If I can help you reach out....