Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm really sorry I bought this condo

Have you ever found yourself saying that?
Maybe its too small for your needs now...  Your daughter is learning to ride her bike in the hallways.  You don't like the neighbours selection of music or cooking.  All your sports gear needs an extra storage locker.

Maybe its too far from where you are working today. Your place of employment has changed and the reliance on Transit is greater.  TTC is not at the door step.

Maybe your needs have changed.

Possibly the maintenance fees are too high for what you are getting. Could be the repairs are not being made or adherence to Reserve Fund Studies are being ignored. Are you making your requests specific and in writing?

If this is your situation,

I can help; Give me a call @ 647 218 2414

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NDP want to CAP RENTAL increases on NEW condo units

The Lack of Affordable housing has been problematic in Toronto for decades. Metro Housing is in decay and has a huge backlog of repairs in addition to a long waiting list of applicants.   Rent geared to income housing is a small portion of the rental pool and in the last 20 years individual investors have purchased units for rental purposes and placed them in the secondary markets

It's not that a landlord has a tough time finding tenants;  The Residential Tenancies Act provides free legal services to Tenants in addition access to Duty Counsel at Hearings.  The Landlord must now be represented by a licensed Paralegal or Lawyer, unless they are experienced in the process.

The Human Rights Tribunal has decided that Credit Bureau's and Beacon Scores can not be used to determine the applicants ( tenants ) worthiness for an apartment or rental unit. (I would like to try that at my Bank with a Mortgage Application)  http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/about-commission

But the governing Liberals are unlikely to see the rent control question the same way. Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Linda Jeffrey said this in a statement at the end of April:
The post-1991 rent exemption was originally introduced – and has been maintained over time – as an incentive for private landlords to build new rental accommodation. This incentive not only helps to renew the rental housing stock but also creates jobs in the construction sector. As such, any changes to this incentive could have an adverse effect on the rental housing sector, the economy and job creation.The NDP are hoping for a change of heart, especially as the provincial opposition have the Liberals survival — with a crucial budget vote yet to come — in their hands. They’re also arguing that the construction boom intended by the rent control changes haven’t been successful.
Forster notes that most of the new construction have been condos, sold to investors and then rented out second-hand, and not rental buildings.
“This misguided rule has not accomplished what it was meant to, and very little new rental housing has been built,” said Forster. “For tenants living in these newer buildings, it has been 20 years of uncertainty and unfairness.”http://o.canada.com/2013/06/04/ontario-ndp-wants-to-close-rent-control-loophole-open-since-1991/

Governments control increases to HST/GST that have increased maintenance fees; The Ontario Government controls the Hydro Billing Rates (because they need approval)   Cities and Municipalites control Tax rates, water and sewage pick up fees billed directly to Condo Buildings.  NONE can be lawfully passed to a tenant in a Rent controlled building.

Vacancy Factors in Toronto are current near 1%.

If there is no available social housing, and Independent Condominium Investors have stepped up to invest in their properties and the Government then CAPS the rental increases [while clearly charging more for different services] there will be a sharpened increase in the number of TENANTS looking for units as landlords EXIT the rental pool as their profit margin is impacted.

If the NDP are successful in capping the Rent will you keep your rental unit or sell?

I personally think there are too many PLAYERS  tinkering with the real estate market; from double Land Transfer taxes in Toronto to increasing Lot Levies, Shortened Amortization Periods, multiple providers of tenant counselling services and well meaning but hazzardous legislation setting profits and ROI.

When did it become embarrassing to make money? What's your opinion?