Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why You should Buy on the Slide

In the Toronto Real Estate Buyers Market you should be buying on the Slide of the Market and Not the Bottom of the Market.

Let me explain;

Everyone was running to buy when the market was on the way up. But who had the advantage?
The Seller!

They had the Listing and you were running to give them whatever THEY wanted to buy their house. Now, the Shoe is on the other foot.

With a Buyer's Market, The proportion of Listings to the Number of homes sold has changed
See Table

Using the statistics from the Toronto Real Estate board for the west end of Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga. at year end December '08, there were 7,398 listings available with 993 homes sold. This results in a ratio of 13.42 . That translates into a 7.4 month supply of homes available for sale vs Buyers. This is the time to be in the Buying Mode even compared to last January where the Listings to Sold Ratio was 25.68. (one home in four sold).

This will allow you to be in the driver's seat during an offer.

If you are considering purchasing a home and want the best deal possible why not have the Sellers of Homes approach you with their best pricing to see what you can buy for your money?

Buying on the Slide Logic

To participate in this type of program you need to understand the concept of Exclusive Buyer's Agency. Not only are you receiving the best possible attention, with your interests in mind, we are able to use technology to find the perfect house for you and have the Seller's BID on your purchase. Wouldn't you love to have Sellers lined up, courting you with the phrase Please buy mine?

Applying the same logic that sellers used against you in multiple offer situations you will have properties offered to you with the same ZEAL!

How do you get involved?

Buyers Registration System is in place and active. I'm ready. Are you?

To all the naysayers, who are waiting for the market to "BOTTOM", when will the bottom be? How will you know the bottom? If you can see the bottom, you have already lost all your Buying advantages or Leverage. Then we will have entered a balanced or possible yet again, a seller's market.

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