Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh, I hope you're not teasing us with LRT

I so hope that the Municipal and Provincial levels of government can finally get together and improve the Lake Shore Humber Bay shore area with the Proposed LRT.

This Humber Bay Shore area encompasses approximately 7,000 condo units plus the SFD.

This will provide economic stimulus, improved neighbourhood pride, and make the west end envied by the "other" boroughs.

If someone could guide these wise politicians to see their way to JOINING the Mississauga Lakeshore into the Communities of Lakeview, Port Credit, and even as far as Walden Spinney at Erin Mills / Southdown Road, the sigh of relief will be felt to generations.

Slide Show about Lake Shore LRT

Additional Information and Mapping of proposed routes

As part of the Transit City initiative, the TTC is studying the idea of replacing the existing Lake Shore Blvd streetcar with LRT (Light Rail Transit) line in a dedicated right of way in the middle of the road from Parklawn Road to the end of the existing streetcar line.
While we applaud efforts to improve our public transit system, we have some serious doubts about this plan. We fear that an LRT in this area will have a negative effect on both transit service and neighbourhood businesses. Read More details

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