Friday, February 27, 2009

Fox and Fiddle, Etobicoke

So many of the structures in West Toronto and Etobicoke have been multi tasked and re-purposed over their life times.

The property at 4906 Dundas is just such and example.

C:1927 Etobicoke Township Hall, Once located at 4906 Dundas, the building has been a church, library, a Police Division, a gift shop and a pub. It is now the Fox n' Fiddle.

During a recent visit, I had the opportunity to meet with Restauranteur, Thana of the Fox and Fiddle, who reminded me again of the buildings heritage. This lively nightspot now has open air patio's on the front and rear.  The building adjoins the commercial retail shopping via a glass portico that encloses and joins the structure.

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