Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Listing Your House for Sale in Toronto

Listing Your Home for sale in the Toronto West, Etobicoke, Mississauga Spring Market?

What you need to do is get out and get noticed. Reach out to different markets and social communities. Easier said than done?

Marketing is to promote your listing to the highest number of potential customers that would be suitable candidates to your property.

Will tossing a few newpaper ads work best? They do have a very short shelf life. Most are locally distributed papers that are rolled up and placed below the mailbox, and usually end their short life in the recycle bin without even being unrolled.

Social Marketing is connecting with people on a different level, reach out to different people that are not local to your area. This includes people that are like minded in what they are reading or interests. More importantly they are EX Pats either coming to or comng back to Canada, or merely relocating inside Canada due to economic and employment changes.

There are many ways to promote the home for sale; send an email to your circle of friends and associates and ask them to forward the presentation to others that might be looking. Post the listings on bulletin boards that are frequented by job seekers (they will need a place to live).

I invite your comments, input and questions about the vibrant and diversified City of Toronto

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