Thursday, February 19, 2009

Female Buyers better risk than Men?

Female Buyers in Toronto west Real estate

Not every home owner is married or independantly wealthy. Some are single women, some are older women who are divorced and wanting to find a way back into home ownership. You could be their guide.

Are Realtors Marketing to This Growing Segment of the Market?

More and more single females are signing up for Memberships on sites like to get monthly newsletters about real estate market updates and trends, and Googling phrases like “homes for sale, mls listings” and other similar searches.
More of these women are buying homes on their own and 25% of these prospective buyers said they would prefer to buy a 'fixer-upper's". David Pylyp of Toronto west Homes.

This is not surprising given that women are earning higher salaries than previous generations of women and many are enjoying incomes disproportionate to what their parents earned. Single women now play a significant role in the housing market. Divorced or widowed and wishing to get back into home ownership after having to step out of their home for financial reasons or young, single women who have not owned a home before are eager to experience the pride of ownership and exercise their independence. We are seeing growing numbers of women buying their first home on their own.

Today's woman is much more financially astute than her counterpart was a decade ago, and is well versed in real estate as a solid long-term investment.

David Pylyp of says, “I have to think that all of the new TV programs like 'Property Ladder' and 'Flip That House' have contributed to women feeling more capable of doing the renovations to a home, or at the very least, feel more comfortable about not being taken advantage of by a contractor. These shows have done a terrific job of eliminating the fear of the unknown and the fear of ‘really screwing things up' for women and for more than just a few men.”

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