Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yes, I get it You are not a lead

You are not a lead.

You do not want to be sold.

You want to be educated.

There are no endless magnets, branded coffee cups or signs on the side of my car. No Spam emails. No calenders with my face in the middle. No one cares about my family cat or dog and a funny story on my blog.

Create your own search.  Search all the available properties on my site either by MLS number or by address. Search any listing you like.  View all the listings you want.

Empower yourself to know the right questions to ask. Get informed about the market.  Prices and demand are fluctuating.  HST is coming. (the PST and GST will be harmonized and this will lead to price increases.) Find answers to all your real estate questions by using the search by topic feature. Find and read things not found elsewhere.

If you are looking in the Toronto West markets and would like to be treated with respect and honesty and not handled or manipulated, I can provide current references for your consideration.

I want to inform and educate you. I get it. Let's talk.

A big tip of the Hat to 1000 watt consulting for pointing things out we should know.

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Mark Argentino said...

You have found 'the secret' to succeeding in real estate and in life!

All the best,