Friday, May 8, 2009

Hire an experienced full time agent

Select a Full Time Experienced Realtor  who will follow your lawful instructions and act in your best interest. Find someone who embraces new technologies to reach the greatest possible audience for your Home or Condo. Speak to some one who counts all the initials, crosses all the T's and dot's the I's. Real Estate is a big dollar venture that requires attention to detail. Experience is not expensive. It is nonetheless Priceless.

An agent who is centered to a smaller neighbourhood will be more inclined to know the activity and history better of the local streets, Places of Worship, services and schools.

Talk with an agent who will provide you all the options available to you, from an independant perspective. Once you have made your choice and your decision, I follow your instructions. If you are considering a move to the West side of Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga or even Oakville, I would like to hear from you.

The Real Estate industry is undergoing a rapid change with the improvement of technology and the empowerment of the consuming public. While having access to information is a great thing it, sometimes creates indecision by having too many choices to be made prior to actually taking any steps.

No matter the value of your home, David Pylyp has the tools to market it, to your neighbourhood or across the country, bringing Buyers to you. It is this ability that sets David Pylyp apart from traditional real estate brokerages. [His] name and RE/MAX are well recognized in Toronto as internet leaders & in times of market uncertainty we believe great branding is a necessity, not a luxury. For more information on our marketing strategies we invite you to contact us.
Interview a few experienced Realtors about their length of time licensed, the additional skills and history that they bring to support your housing sale. Are they familiar with your area of the city? How will they market the home? Ask for samples of previous marketing brochures? Are they using virtual Tours? Do they have Flash Presentations online? Can you have a domain name for your home? Will they readily offer you references that can be contacted?

For Buyers; are they able to digitize the entire transaction into a mini-cd for future reference; both for presentations and storage of vital details like Home Inspections, Financing Commitments, Surveys, Rules and Regulations, Floor plans etc., Ask how many people they work with at any given time or are you handed off to a fresh face?

Will they offer you a Satisfaction Guarantee?  Ask them how often you will have updates on their home. I personally strive for a weekly activity discussion to analyze feed back and observations. The real estate market can change almost weekly with fluctuations in values.

Establish your priorities.

The first issue is financing; the budget for your purchase or your sale and purchase. Get qualified by a Trusted Mortgage Advisor. If you buy before you sell, you many have two homes. If sold, before you purchase, you may be living with your in-laws.

Consider neighbourhoods or an area that would suit your future housing. Will it be near the subway?  Is getting to work on public transit an issue? How long will the commute take? Is there airport noise, How close are we to the highway, main street, shopping mall. Have the schools been built?

After your interview, talk amongst yourselves about who you felt would work in your best interest to have the home sold in the shortest period of time, with the greatest IMPACT in marketing and the least stress and disruption in your lifestyle.

There are four components to the real estate transaction. First, is the pricing of your home through a Comparable Market Evaluation . We have the presentation of your home; being the staging and curb appeal, home repaint touch-ups, first impressions of flooring, tidy and declutter advice, de-personalize your home so that buyers will see it for their lifestyle. Next,  promotion; being flash mini cd presentations, email-able brochures to market you, advertisements to myriad websites for maximum draw to your web pages, Digital Pictures to present your home online. Finally there is negotiation. Having been with RE/MAX for 20 years has provided a wealth of experience and history to draw from.

Once sold, you need to consider your countdown to closing and your obligations and commitments. We are at this point in transaction management, making sure all parties have arranged for everything that was contractually bound.  We will see you on closing day, at the lawyers office, to make sure everything is as was expected and on moving day with Pizza and Keys for the new place. Its just an extra step you save.

I welcome your calls comments or questions without any obligation. There is a Call Me button on the Home Page of my website that can connect us instantly

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