Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a great weekend in West Toronto Roncesvalles Village

Had the need to slip into the old stomping grounds in Roncesvalles Villages on Saturday morning.
The pedestrian traffic was incredible at noon.  People out with their strollers, carrying purchases and seemingly on a mission. The Fruit Market was just bustling!

I was parked at the corner of Wright and Roncesvalles and expertly avoided the Green Hornets that seem to hide behind trees it would seem to trap traffic violators at every opportunity.  I wonder how this will effect the Roncesvalles sidewalk expansion planned for later this year.

The busiest store that I could see was the West Side Cycle between Fermanagh and Wright Avenues. They were just bustling with people in and out with their bicycles in for spring tuning and wheel straightening after our long hard winter.  There were a few banana seat bicycles with streamers that I remember from my past and a few 10 speed racers that will be circling High Park.

A few doors north is Aris Place that was recently featured on BlogTO for their famous  souvlaki.
"Their souvlaki and their fish and chips are decent bang-for-your-buck diner eats, and I'm really tempted to go back for the "mega breakfast" next time I'm in the hood."

The Royal Bank has recently moved it's Roncesvalles presence a little further south from Fermanagh to Fern. When ever I see the exterior, even though it has been renovated as the Royal Bank facade with internet banking machines and kiosks, I still see the old SS. Kresges store front.

If you have considered living in the west end of the city, and would like information about Roncesvalles Village or Bloor West feel free to drop me an email.  If you are a resident in this fine community and are considering selling, I would appreciate hearing from you. 

Feel free to comment and add a memory of your own about Roncesvalles Village.

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