Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why you need a high Tech Home Inspector

A Home Inspection whether on a new construction or resale home is imperative to you as the consumer to be aware of what future repair items will be required.

While on a Home Inspection with Russ Fascullo recently, I was introduced to an infrared camera and moisture meters. These items could be visually dismissed as unimportant but there is actually an underlying problem that was discovered using uninvasive inspection methods.

The glass shower door was scraping slightly on the marble sill plate of the threshold. This in itself could be adjustment of the hinges. Further inspection shows differently.

The cause of the problem was a lack of sealing the grout with the ceramic tile, omission of silicone caulking and the result is a swelling of the frame structure below the door due to moisture absorption. The result is a bathroom sill plate that is in need of repair and could cause mold to grow in this area.

This problem was revealed with the use of readily available tools.

I urge you to get professional help and advice when buying and selling properties.

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