Sunday, May 10, 2009

Print Advertising to Promote Your House

Sellers decide who they will list with based on their perception of the neighbourhood specialist or the marketing plan of the agent. Maybe you have chosen the agent based on a referral from a friend or family member. Each promises you exactly what you need to hear or perceive to have value.

With 20 years of selling in west Toronto, Mississauga I have used various publications over the years to garner new followers and am always looking for a specialized medium that will bring new fresh eyes to my ads. Video is much more effective.

The internet has replaced my conventional newspaper advertising spots. The internet can provide a dedicated website domain for your street address IE 123 Your house dot com and be directed to a page within my websites that is only your house. Views can be counted and verified. Showings result directly in relation to the number of HITS an online ad will have.

The picture caption above is the sadness that I share when Sellers ask for Advertising in Local Newspapers.  I would rather give the client a gift card for a dinner out rather than spending the advertising dollars on endless paper that arrives at the front door of your home only to be rendered directly into the recycling bin. Home owners collect the flyers and rolled newspapers till the box is full and set it to the curb. Newspapers decide their ad publication rates (the prices they charge)  based on the number of houses they deliver to.

It is not just for myself but is reflected in the posted reduced revenue numbers of the Toronto Daily papers.  As I walk streets. door knocking for new listing opportunities I see so many of these recycle bin on the front porch or at the foot of the garage door.

My income is derived from the performance of a service, the knowledge and skill that is brought to the negotiation table to net you the highest dollar in the shortest period of time. By skillfully exposing your home listing to the greatest pool of buyers, in a new medium, will bring feet to your front door. Why not follow me on Twitter or sign up at this website to receive email updates monthly about the changing Toronto Real Estate market.

Isn't that a better and timely idea?

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