Thursday, May 21, 2009

Variable Rate Mortgages Now offer Cash Back Program

Cash Back Programs have been available on fixed rate financing options for a home purchase. consumers keep asking for the cash back option but on the variable rate interest program.

"Even with low 5 year fixed rates a large number of first time buyers continue to request variable closed mortgages." Said Lindsay Doke RBC Trusted Mortgage Advisor

Lindsay continued "Due to the next 2-3 year outlook where economists are predicting stability in the bank prime interest rates now at a historical lows. We all know however even with the land transfer incentives to first time buyers there still are times where there is a shortfall."

Whether it is for furniture or appliances or even cash to reduce higher interest debt to improve cash flow. This program maybe useful to help with closing costs, or home improvements. The money that is spend would also be eligible for the Home Renovation Tax credit.

Well RBC now can provide cash back incentive on our five variable closed term.

Call Lindsay or myself today and we can provide you options to help with your purchase.

Lindsay Doke Trusted Mortgage Advisor RBC Financial is available at 416 464 6423 or

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