Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm singularly over rated

"I'm overrated," David Pylyp said.

"Home Buying" is a team sport. What I was good at was assembling a strong team, setting the goal and plan together then executing that strategy, but I'm just one guy."

We need a strong selection process. Input from your spouse on schools and neighbourhoods. Tacit approval from your kids on the big move.

If your intended home is not currently on the market we will need to canvass FSBO's, negotiate with mere listers and door knock individual homeowners in your desired neighbourhood.

Other team members;
  • Your home inspector's diligent eye to point out costly and needed repairs.
  • Your Independent mortgage broker to find you the best terms conditions and interest rate.
  • Your real estate lawyer, who through decades of experience knows exactly what rebates apply to First Time Buyers and challenges for Non Residents. esp when a two car garage is a one and half or who owns the mutual drive.
  • The trades people who come in and repaint, repair, re install new flooring or carpets prior to your move in date.
  • The LockSmithy who comes in to rekey your front door to deter unexpected visitors.
  • To attending at your lawyers for the closing and then later to collect and deliver your key.

Each team member plays a vital and complementary role in contributing to your successful and smooth transaction.

That's what it's about... right?

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