Friday, March 7, 2014

Toronto Housing Bubble - NOT

If we did not have CMHC backed financing, you would require a minimum of 20% down. Amortizations were available to 30 years and beyond.  Investors never had the opportunity to have these cash flows on rentals.   Toronto currently has a vacancy factor near 1.4% 

Compare with 20 years ago
Rentals are subject to Landlord Tribunal control, except for properties built after Nov. 1991.  You can raise the rent to what ever the market will bare.

If one million people could come to Canada  would they?  Why?
Health Care, Financial Safe Haven, No war, Democracy, Education, Employments, Schools, Universities, Freedom of Religion. What Have we left off?

Aging demographics
Advances in home care, personal improvements into a property, technology for elevators, stair sliders, lowered cabinets, accessible bathrooms, attention to geriatric medicine are making living in our homes a reality for much longer, often a live in caregiver is possible making our term of ownership much longer.

Will Prices drop?  Why would they, at 3% and reducing numbers of homes for sale there is competition for product.  

When will you buy?    Lets talk about it.

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