Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Homes Sold on Toronto MLS®

Everyone loves to get a deal, whether it's the thrill of the shopping; the negotiation or the money that stays in your pocket. With competition for detached homes and townhouses in Toronto, many online realtors have been quick to offer their customers deals and rebates along with their normal service offerings.

What many don't know is that not all real estate are created equal – some agents offer bigger discounts or apparently better products than others. Some of the most popular sites offer up to 100% off on listings and rebates on what you buy.

Additionally, there are different types of sites that promise—anything from a Rebates like Rogers, with FASTER from Zoocasa or implied SAVINGS from COMFREE that compare how much you can save from a 6% sales commission. Deals come in all varieties and facets. Savvy deal seekers are discovering these sites that are heavily promoted tend not to deliver what is promised.

Can you get listings FASTER? Every realtor draws information from the same database. New listings are available to me instantly and I can send you listings immediately, directly to your inbox with a Buyers Profile and BRA at  Are there more listings available?  Claims of We have *ALL* the listings, yes if you you want new home construction listed as homes available for sale (that are not yet built) I have that too, are effectively puffery or embellishment.

Listings that show available on may already have a sale pending and we may not even be able to go see it, as mere listingsdo not report as diligenty.

Another site will give you sold data by street or neighbourhood. Homes Sold on Toronto MLS® Yes, that information is available by postal code anonymously at  or you can send an email with the address and I will respond promptly, without stalking you through this tackk.

Do you work for free? Are you good at what you do? Then, you should get paid. The DISCOUNT BROKERS concept offering $1 for selling a house is silliness. Attending at your home to help you decide what you what, give you guidance, answer your questions provide Computers, licensing, forms, time, effort and attending at properties with you PLUS being liable makes this concept great on paper but a non starter in reality.  When you are out shopping with an agent you want the insights of what has sold and questions answered that are unique to your situation.  I make house calls.

Why the Best Deals are Unknown

Many agents are now aware of "POCKET LISTINGS" Most consumers expect that the Realtor that advertises the most must have the best deals. This is a common misconception. Not all great agents have maintained ad budgets as response rates have dropped off dramatically.  Email and Direct mail is suffering a similar fate. A better reality would be to promote your new listing to each agent who has listed or sold recently in that pocket. 
Even if these smaller real estate brokerages had the ability to advertise as much, they would choose not to do so. You see, most houses are selling in multiple offers and with that limited quantity we are simply running out of inventory. No agent wants to advertise a deal that was sold a week ago while the magazine is on the shelf for another two weeks. I can't make good for all customers right?

That's why the best agents intentionally stay out of the spotlight and developed a word-of-mouth business. WOM. The result—those deal seekers who are in the know on which agents provide superior service and knowledge, will simply save you the most money and get the best deals. They recommend their friends peers and family members.  You can find them on Google or with Youtube Video's.

How Do I Find the Best Deal Sites?

Continue to keep your eyes open for new FOR SALE signs in your desired neighbourhood. Check your email daily for new listings and price updates. We can start a door knocking campaign to find a home for you. 

Are you ready? 

No matter how many books you read, no matter how many pamphlets, unless you have genuine experience in the process of buying and selling a house or condominium you are not prepared to navigate the sales documentation and lending process.

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