Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Real Estate Commissions Revealed

The Big Elephant in the Room about Commissions in Toronto Real Estate.
Everyone wants the lowest commission. We all want to save.

Real Estate Fees are negotiable but there are so many service levels available.

So, What's different?

I provide an unmatched marketing plan and put this in writing.

There is a video library of Testimonials; My Reviews Just click here 

Ask How much the agent will spend on marketing, Printing Brochures and related Marketing Costs;

Video Tours and Hi Res Photo's 

Do they have Visible Online Advertising and use Social Media 

Do they keep up to date with legislation and rapidly changing technology.

REBATES dont matter when 10's of thousands are lost at the negotiation table or the promised buyers never appear.

And Not all real estate agents provide the same service.

I have observed mistakes that cost people money and STUDY how to avoid them. If, I prepare for potential problems and practice those solutions, I will make you money.

Our group has written guidelines on how multiple offers will be handled so that everything is fair, transparent and above board.  You know you have made the right decision.

Real Estate Services are about providing Value and being available. Communication and Trust are critical. When you call, I will answer my own phone. YOU WILL HAVE WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORTS

I KNOW YOU are not just looking for a house; YOU are looking for where you will spend your life.

I would like to meet with you to demonstrate my value; HOW I walk with you through the entire home buying and selling experience. 

I can be reached at 647 218 2414

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