Friday, August 10, 2012

Have we finally hit the tipping Point?

The months stats say that the real estate market has slowed down and I wonder why?

It’s the summer time? Hottest July on Record! Poor Press in the Media?   Shortened Mortgage AMs while rates stagnate at 3%?  Gas Prices? Insurance Rates? Commuting Times?  Land Transfer Taxes 416 and 905?   

Let’s ask a different question?

If your family member was getting married…   Is it better to help them with the Wedding Expense?   Or would you forgo the wedding,   Suggest they elope, and help them purchase an appreciating asset.

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We continue [The GTA] to be a safe haven for money, security, jobs, education and lifestyle.   When people stop coming to Toronto, I will begin to be concerned.  The rest is just selling newspapers

How can I help your family achieve their goals this year?

David Pylyp
Living at Humber Bay Shores and watching all the condo 's being built

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