Monday, August 27, 2012

Its never about the money!

Oh please! Its always about the money.

I'm David Pylyp 
A Realtor here in Toronto, Canada.

This year will be my best year in 25 years of real estate.

Here's how I'm going to do it.

I work with mostly higher end clients and luxury homes, located in Etobicoke, that's west Toronto, in the Kingsway, Princess Manor, Bloor west and High Park, Markland Wood and the Humber Bay Shores.  Also, a little bit into Mississauga,

The David Pylyp Team is built on being ethical. We really believe in our clients. They appreciate our Integrity and ethics. When I worked on Bay Street, a wise man told me that there was the ROB principle.  Results or Bullshit. We believe in the no Bullshit rule, as we share information and deliver great service.

In order to put clients interests first,  there needs to be collaboration and trust among agents. We don't do drama which distracts us from the goal of client service. Real Estate agents for some reason are generally thought to be very cut throat. We're trying to create a culture where collaboration among the agents exist.

The information that is Shared becomes very important; 
this creates Good energy and that parlays into referral business and great Word of Mouth Advertising.

I think clients today, are much more sophisticated than they ever were, because of the WEB. They have a much better understanding of all the details of the property, the structure & the overalltransaction. So therefore they are much more sophisticated than they were, even 5 years ago,  Making us, the real estate agent, a specialist at a much higher level. In order for you to have confidence in us, to be able to show you that we are experts at what we do.

The clients trust us to market their house effectively, expose it to as many people as possible, and doing so professionally, ethically and you are actually going to deliver! Do it. Not just lying to them.

I cannot tell you how many clients call and say Well I had the house listed and I was told by my agent that they would do all of these gazzillion things and they did nothing.  Acting on your words is so important. If you are not going to do it...   Don't say it. Its that Simple.

I love using the sites like, now I specifically like Google, Youtube and Jugnoo. There are other sites also and I find we need every method possible to get the properties out there. 

I find that educating the client is not harmful. Its a question of our expertise and our being able to service the client from offer to purchase, finance, inspections through to completion. Total Transaction management.

Facebook we just use to put up photography, topics of interest and to keep in touch, Pinterest draws viewers to our other web pages.  Twitter is more Engagement and up to the minute events. You cannot be afraid to spend money on marketing, Social Media and Technology.

Time and marketing can give you a very high return on your investment. Thats return on Investment. Not return on EGO. 

Technology has allowed us to be in a lot more places, in less time. If you are not keeping up with technology you are not going to survive in this world.  We need to Go after the business...  

So, you want someone who can handle things for you in a competent fashion.

Do you feel confident I can get you those results?

One of three things are going to happen;

  • List the house today
  • Decide Not to list with me
  • or Maybe I won't take the listing

Call me 416 233 9000 or directly at 647 218 2414

David Pylyp
Accredited Senior Agent
RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage

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