Monday, October 22, 2012

Can your Landlord SNIFF YOU?

Are they changing too many rules?

Larry the Landlord Renting to Smokers?

No matter your opinion on the No Smoking Bans in public places; Landlords in Toronto are also faced with the reality that after renting to Smokers the condo unit or townhouse will be less desirable to subsequent tenants.

Landlords will very often need to repaint, rebroadloom and may very well need to replace fabric draperies.  So who pays?

The Landlord Tenant Boards decision interprets the "wear and tear" that 20 years ago would have been Normal to now be Tenant Damage.

You can and will be held liable for repairs to bring the unit back to a rent-able condition.
Can you pass the SNIFF TEST?

Have the rules gone too far?  

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