Friday, July 20, 2012

Get a Mortgage while on Mat Leave

Looking for a house in Toronto's competitive real estate market does not always time itself perfectly for your life's circumstances. Here is how you can get a Mortgage while on Maternity Leave.

I’m Nathalie Ng. I am the Money Chick- A mortgage agent who is licensed 2 give unbiased Mortgage advice.

I've heard  new-Moms,  now with a bigger family, cannot get a mortgage.

It all depends which lender they approach & whom they are talking to. Not all lenders will approve a mortgage to someone who is on maternity leave.

I know of a lady who is looking to move up to a bigger house, what she can do?

One of my clients  just gave birth to twins. They were looking to buy a property before she got pregnant, but the pregnancy came first. A month after giving birth, they informed me that they now have twins; that they really, had to move from their condo.

So I have good news for women who are on MAT LEAVE; worried that they could not get a mortgage.
We were able to determine their level of income and debts. As a licensed mortgage agent, I was able to identify a lender who would be willing to consider her situation.
Now, many months later, they have moved into a new house where the twins have their own room.

 Its Good to help families in need…. How can Clients Reach you?
They can reach me at 416-629-1818


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