Saturday, November 7, 2009

We already have Metrolinx Lands

The land is already dedicated to rail use; whether it is along the Lakeshore, Humber Bay Shore community or the Rail way lands that are using diesel technology that made the news last week with protests about additional trains. Georgetown to Union. How about downtown to the Airport? Downtown to the airport in 30 minutes .... be still my heart.

OK, So its a flash monorail. We're in a recession. We need manufacturing jobs. Employees pay taxes and buy houses. Who makes it Bombardier!

Makes ya wanna take out a Canadian flag and wave a little huh.

It began with a brilliant idea...
The Monorail was originally envisioned as a joint venture between MGM Grand and Bally's Hotel, with the idea to create a one-mile transportation system linking the hotels.This exciting and forward-thinking idea took flight in 1993 and soon included plans to expand to other locations along the Strip. In 1997, the State of Nevada passed Expansion plans evolved and a professional team, including Nevalegislation that enabled a private company to own, operate and charge a fare as a public Monorail system. da-based Liaise Corporation, Granite Construction Company, Gensler & Associates, Carter-Burgess and Salomon Smith Barney, was assembled to develop the Monorail system.
Bombardier Transportation, a Canadian company and one of the world's largest transit system manufacturers experienced at turnkey operations, was contracted with operating and maintaining the trains, automatic train controls and other control subsystems.

Lets Recap.

Environmentally Friendly, Promotes regional and local employment. Creates Employment, Saves Hydro, reduces car pollution and traffic. A hotel(s) had the foresight to plan, organize and implement a transit system.

Lets get our fingers off these silly petitions to (please) stop the huge tax rip off of the HST that people do not yet comprehend and get your fingers dialing (pushing buttons) your member of parliament and elected official. Call your Member of the Ontario Legislature.

Buzz Hargrove on the CFRB was recently overheard to say that 250 k Ontario employees have lost their jobs. Lets focus on the important issues. Employed people buy houses, furniture, appliances, TV's. electronics, landscaping, pools, flooring, carpeting. Add something to the list.

We need serious people for serious issues; Who cares about WHO's riding the Olympic Torch is being displayed in. It's being Displayed in a Canadian Riding! Lets address employment and power generation issues instead.

What do you think? Do you agree? Add your comments here.

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