Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lets Viral Video your House!

Using Video to Connect for Marketing

According to the latest research from Hitwise one in every 45 visits to the Internet is to view video content. Another report predicts that the number of Internet users who view online videos will grow to more than one billion people by 2013. Online video is increasing in popularity on websites because it harnesses the power of TV at a fraction of the cost.

Working with our video team, your business will reach and connect with your target audience in a whole new way within David's circle of friends, business advisors, and local business affilates. This targetted localism is growing within the concept that we are all related in some way if we look long enough.

Online video has the advantage of engaging the viewer, offering them a more interesting experience on my website and encouraging them to stay a little longer. This helps you build a stronger relationship with customers than any other form of media. In particular, online video is unrivalled as a medium through which your unique services can be more effectively described, products can be better demonstrated and your unique service proposal and benefits more clearly differentiated from your competitors' offering.

David Pylyp is pioneered online video for real estate and its optimisation in search results pages, video engines and within websites. Our video service uses the latest technology and techniques to deliver cost effective and quality production values. With the addition of our innovative approach to optimising the videos, the finished video or videos can be hugely valuable for many businesses.

Benefit from our expertise in this new and emerging technology. From agregating the content to writing the script, from preparing your spokespeople to editing their interviews, we can ensure you of a broadcast-quality video of which you will feel proud. Our experts can convert the film into a professional promotional video that is search-friendly, bringing visitors to your site and keeping them there for longer.

Many haven't realised the potential of video on their websites and yours may be one of them. If you would like to discuss how we can work together to help your business embrace this opportunity, help to promote the Localism that is living in the City of Toronto please contact me on 647 218 2414 or by email at

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