Monday, September 28, 2009

Increased Train Traffic thru Toronto

Dr. David McKeown took the unusual step of speaking at a protest organized by the Clean Train Coalition, repeating concerns about the health impacts of Metrolinx's proposal for the Georgetown south corridor.

"The trouble is the current proposal (is) built on a foundation of diesel – a mode of transportation we know is bad for air quality and not good for our health," McKeown told an energetic crowd of more than 500 gathered at Sorauren Park in Roncesvalles Village.

Here is the complete article from the Star.

Diesel Trains Through the Junction

So I asked Mark, (Father and Son, in captioned picture above) who took part in the march to Sorauren Park, his views. He lives in the Junction.

"If this all goes ahead, it'll spell tragedy for this whole city, not just those of us who live near the tracks. Those who stand to gain financially and are all for it are quoting 'safe' levels that are obsolete in most first-world countries.

It's just another case of buy now, pay later. McGuinty and the pinstriped fatcats will be up north in their cottage retreats counting their profits while the rest of us stuck in the city will pay with more brutal smog alert days per year. My son Magnus already suffers from asthma, and if this goes through, we'll have to seriously consider moving away from the Junction. Multiply this by the number of other concerned parents in the area and you end up with a loss of population (read: business), decimating what is currently a thriving community."

David Pylyp; We all want a greener environment. We all want a cleaner city. Yet when given the opportunity to lessen diesel smoke emissions through a residential community, the Ontario Government, Metrolinx, and the City have turned their backs.

What are your thoughts?

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