Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to wake up a few Realtors

The post that I found from Mike Bowler is right on point; we are entering an entirely new and uncharted paradigm for business. The tried and proven models of Yellow Page advertising are being replaced with Google search engines and Bing algorythms. How are you being found online when people Google you. Here what shows when you google me.

Practitioners need to be proficient in Blogging, social media, search engine marketing, and how to work with the e-consumer once they contact you.Using savvy marketing techniques may generate leads for agents, however with no skills in permission marketing and inbound marketing, you will be lost. Nearly 90% of the home buyers are searching homes on the Internet prior to ever contacting an agent. Are they finding you, when they go to Google, Yahoo or MSN?

Consumers drive the industry and have always driven it, however today they are looking online first. Technology, combined with local knowledge and input educates consumers. You’re not going to do that sending junk mail, holding seminars, running ads, or interrupting consumers with phone calls, emails or newsletters. You MUST be proactive by providing great content online with Blogs, podcasts, videos, and webinars that allow the homebuyer or seller to find you.

We need to know that we are all different. Give me a call and we'll talk about it.

We need to form entirely new social and networking circles so that permission based marketing will allow friends to introduce you to their friends and help them buy their home.

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