Monday, November 2, 2009

Everyone is really on Commission

The Washington Post recently laid off a columnist because his blog posts didn't get enough web traffic.

Of course, in the old days, the newspaper had no real way to tell which columns got read and which ones didn't. So journalists were lulled into the sense that it didn't really matter. The Times quotes Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at NYU, “It’s an unusual public rationale for serious newspaper people, that’s for sure.”

Wrong tense. It's not going to be unusual for long.

In fact, in a digital world where everything can be measured, we all work on commission. And why not? If you do great work and it works, you should get rewarded. And if you don't, it's hard to see why a rational organization would keep you on.

You don't have to like the coming era of hyper-measurement, but that doesn't mean it's not here. Seth Godin.

I really appreciate reading this gentlemen's concepts.

While there are agents out there still screaming at the roof tops that they are in the TOP 1% of whatever category they seem to fit; they have genuinely lost the message. Real Estate has gone internet. Having the most listings remaining unsold when every other agent in town has sold out means a) you are truly gifted b) you over price your listings so high that even in this market they struggle to sell. c) your marketing efforts do not move the product.

Clients do not care about what you know, they need to know that you care.

Clients don't care or understand that we are the top agents in our community.

Clients want to know that you can put extra eyes on their listings, get their homes noticed and to stand out on the MLS system. This includes Video's that are interactive. [Not a slide show uploaded to Youtube] When? Today. Not next week. The market is brisk.

Hyper Localism to draw the prospect to your neighbourhood, but years of experience and encyclopedic knowledge about the "hood" and details will keep them on your page.

A wise lady told me this weekend [from Ottawa in shopping] that she selected my services based on my website presence and a lack of spelling errors on my website. I asked for clarification. [She] said "If you can't spell how can you possibly look after my real estate purchase?"

This electronic age we live in will measure all of us based on performance and not puffery.

Choose wisely when selecting a realtor, there is a vast difference.

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