Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finding Solutions for your housing Needs

I'd like to talk to you today about finding solutions for the things that you need in your life. Let's not talk about excuses; or let's not get hung up on circumstances or the details. Let's find a way to help you do what you need to do.

First, let's talk about where we are in the market with Toronto Real Estate. We are about 1 percent off of last years pace. We are going to hit it by year end. The number of sales is almost the same as last year.

The prices, year over year, averaging now $525,000 for a detached house are about 10 percent higher than where we were last year. Sales will still occur going into the fall. There is a lack of inventory.

This lack of inventory is causing 10 and 15 percent increases in prices in the more desireable neigbourhoods like Markland Wood, Lorne Park, Watercolours, and Central Etobicoke, The better neighbourhoods, in the west end of Toronto.

So lets deal with these issues and how they might apply to you. With fall in the air, and a little cooler temperatures, you're going to be inside now for the winter. You have to decide if its the right time for you to sell. The market is buoyant, the times are hot, We can get you a good dollar for your house or unit. So first off.... Is the timing right for you to sell?

Secondly, you need to find someone who is an ASA Accredited Senior Agent who is working specifically in your neighbourhood in Etobicoke, West Toronto, South Mississauga, that can promote your home for sale, get you found on the internet, something other than the newspapers, yellow pages that don't work for us anymore.

Third and lastly, is my favourite. Pricing your home Properly for sale. It has to be priced based on the market evaluation, that's done on the historic values, trying to achieve those levels, not setting new ground. Pricing it too low will/may get you multiple offers, that may not neccessarily close. Your property may not appraise. [The Buyers] They may not get financed. You need to have your house sold and with homes selling in an average of 22 days on the market, being well priced will get you a sale, only a few hundred homes at every calender month end actually turn over and expire.

If you would like some experienced, informative and creative marketing to help sell your home, if you need to look after Mom or Dad's place for transition management, Give me a call at 647 218 2414. Call Now


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