Monday, August 15, 2011

Giving you cash back on a Purchase

Lets talk about giving you cash back on your Toronto home purchase

Everyday we are bombarded by countless offers from a wide variety of business. And if those businesses are online, they may be selling lots of sizzle. I have seen amazing claims, garish campaigns, ads and other marketing tactics selling shiny, glossy, exciting, fabulous things where it was clear that the majority of the attention was put on the sizzle.

Sizzle may land you a customer once, but if you don’t have the steak, those buyers don't come back and they won’t tell anyone else to come back with them. Or even worse, they will tell their network of people that you are all talk and no action.

Let's talk about buying houses, I provide an unmatched level of attention to detail and service when buying a home. Can I prove it. Sure! I have video testimonials on line. Past clients you can call.

But what about people who are giving you cash back to gain new clients.

Just So I understand ... You feel that a kick back of 15 hundred or 2 thousand is a huge amount towards closing and moving. I get it. But I can get you a mortgage at 2.2% for 5 years through my financial sources, that will probably save you $400 per month thru the next 60 mortgage payments.

So.... get 1500 now? or get $24,000 a bit every month.

While the US market is still soft with excess inventory, interest rates will be flat for the next two years. Toronto continues with fewer homes available and more bidding wars. We are a safe haven for families, business and money. The Ontario Golden Horse will continue to grow.

So, If you are looking for a property in the next few months, maybe its time to call an Accredited Senior Agent. Experience does have value. Hire someone who is persistent in getting things done

You can reach me at 647 218 2414 or email

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