Saturday, October 31, 2009

When is my Lakeshore LRT?

On April 1 2009, the Province of Ontario announced full funding for the construction of the priority projects - the Eglinton, Finch West and the Scarborough Rapid Transit lines.

Transit City Video:

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What is Light Rail Transit?

Light Rail Transit (LRT) is an updated and improved version of the streetcars that have moved Torontonians for decades, and will bring a new concept of reliable and comfortable transit service to Toronto’s busiest transit routes. Using advanced and proven technology from around the world, modern electrically-powered Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) will carry passengers in their own dedicated transit lanes, in most cases in the middle of the road. The smooth, fast, and quiet LRVs will feature easy step-free access from wide, sheltered boarding platforms. Transit City routes will be fully accessible, so that people with all levels of mobility can use the service with confidence and ease.

You’ll be able to board the LRVs at any one of several doors, speeding up the service and reducing waiting times. Inside, the LRVs will have a bright, contemporary feel, with air conditioning, large windows, comfortable seats, and lots of standing space and hand holds. They’ll be more like a modern subway train than existing TTC streetcars or buses.

LRT service will be reliable. Service won’t be affected by traffic delays, because the LRVs and their passengers will be in their own reserved transit lanes. Traffic signals will give priority to transit riders. Stops will normally be 400 metres apart, and LRVs will operate frequently, like the subway.

Waterfront West

This 11-kilometre long extension of the Harbourfront streetcar line will link Union Station and Exhibition Place with Parkdale, High Park, and southern Etobicoke, and could be extended into Mississauga.

  • Current routes: 501 Queen, 508 Lake Shore, 509 Harbourfront
  • Ridership in 2006: 8 million
  • Ridership in 2021: 15 million

  • David Pylyp This video is a great promo piece by the TTC, Have a look see. It could revitilise the Lakeshore. WMV [Windows Media Audio/Video] - 39MB

    Could Mark Grimes or Adam Giambrone please provide an update?

    Both levels of Government have funding available for infrastructure improvements. Are we still building a bicycle lane on Jarvis instead? Get involved. Signing a petition about the GST HST is not going to change anything.


Andrew said...

I hope the plan for the Lakeshore LRT dies on the table. This is a bad idea. Everyone should take a trip up to St Clair and see the kind of mess that was made up there. Millions of dollars to save a few minutes is crazy. And most of the time savings will come for fewer stops.

Emile said...

I love the idea of better public transportation any day! In the Uk where I am from our Street cars are bigger, faster, and they do not share lanes with vehicles. Bringing the LRT to South Etobicoke area can only make the area even more yuppy, get rid of rubbish shops, and for once give street cars a better reputation. Especially as there are not many buses or easy access to subway stations. Go Train is a waste of money! Street Cars need to reach their full potential!