Friday, October 23, 2009

Tridel Superb Neighbourhood at 2500 Bloor St W

Superb handling of community issues and future planning introduction of the 2500 Bloor St west location that will encompass the Old Mil Pontiac Dealership and the Theatre site just west of the Jane Street TTC station. Ideally suited to Bloor West Village.

Tridel has an interest in the lands at 2500 Bloor Street West, and a Working Group has been established to facilitate an ongoing, productive dialogue between the local community and Tridel, prior to the submission of applications related to the redevelopment of 2500 Bloor Street West. Through a series of meetings, the Working Group, comprised of representatives from area Residents Associations and the Business Improvement Area, will collaborate with Tridel to develop principles and concepts that will inform the eventual preparation of plans for the 2500 Bloor Street West site. By establishing this Working Group and consulting with the community prior to submitting applications, the objectives are:
  • to provide a meaningful opportunity – at a key stage – for the community to play a role in shaping the new development;
  • to create the conditions for a collaborative working relationship between the community and the developer; and,
  • to pre-empt potential sources of conflict prior to the submission of plans and applications, rather than finding a way to address issues after the fact., in concert with the Working Group, will open a key line of communication for the broader community, ensuring that Tridel has a full understanding of community concerns and interests, and that the community clearly understands Tridel"s intentions and track record.

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