Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Lakeshore vs Strip Clubs

Our Lakeshore

We expect there is limited time for you to express your opinion about this. Please see the "what you can do" section at the bottom.

It appears the second strip club that has JUST OPENED at Lakeshore and Fourth is illegally operating without a license and a license application to the city may be forthcoming.

The owner could be pushing to have this NEW license application heard as soon as this Thursday October 22nd.

The owner of the Jay Jay's strip club at Lakeshore and Fourth street (now called Jaxx) recently opened a new male strip club on the Fourth street entrance of the building called Klub Kave. This is in addition to the existing strip club on the Lakeshore entrance. There is signage for the club on the Fourth street entrance, a website at and also a large sandwich board sign on a pickup truck facing Lakeshore.

Upon learning of this new club, residents contacted Councillor Grimes’ office to inquire how a new strip club license could have been permitted. Based on information received today, it seems that no new license was issued, the new club is operating illegally, and is in the process of being charged by the city for operating illegally.

The owner is likely planning to file an application for either a new Adult Entertainment License or to try and expand their existing license to include the new Klub Kave.

This needs to be stopped. As expressed in many previous communications about Jay Jays, this is not a personal attack against the owner or against strip clubs.

The opposition to this club is purely a rational, factual argument that is based on the following:

1. The application for a new strip club license or extension of another license contravenes zoning and is illegal. Click here for full details on past discussion about this.

Strip clubs need to be more than 90 metres from a residential area. This opinion has been reinforced by a lawyer that specializes in this area of law.

2. Toronto City Council has already unanimously passed a motion, put forward by Councillor Grimes, resolving that the city would do everything possible to stop the issuance of any new adult entertainment licenses in this area. We now expect that Councillor Grimes will see that this motion is followed through on, especially given the overwhelming support of all city council. Click here to view the motions.

3. There are other community issues at play such as noise disturbances and complete lack of dedicated parking. The operation of this illegal establishment is impacting negatively on the residents of Fourth Street and the surrounding area.

What you can do.
1. Click Here to add your name to an online petition to the City's licensing department requesting that they deny and new or extended use AEP license from the owner of Jay Jay's and to the liquor licensing board that any new liquor license application be denied

2. Send an email to the municipal licensing officials that will deal with any forthcoming application

Curtis Sealock, Manager Investigation Services
John Romano District Sup Ward 4,5, 6, 17
Jim Hart MLS Executive Director
Ann Harrichara Enquires re:licensing meetings
Bruce Robertson MLS director of licensing
Richard Mucha Manager Licensing Services
Ian Redfearn Supervisor Licensing Services
Kim Belshaw Supervisor Licensing Services

3. Make your opinion known to Councillor Grimes and Mayor Miller

Our Lakeshore
By Residents for Residents


Ava said...

You know what, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Strip clubs exist sex exists everywhere on TELEVISION in ADVERTISMENTS in MOVIES everywhere. Why not put your energy into something that COUNTS like perphaps helping homeless teens or helping at risk YOUTH in your area instead of protesting strip clubs. People like you who constantly have a complaint and never use your time valuably. You live to try and create problems when you should be trying to help to fix problems. Lakeshore is filled with crackhead infested bars, instead of worrying about a strip club maybe you should worry about that. The same women who are complaining about this are the same women who's husbands are calling escorts and prostitutes for services.Don't be hypocritical and use your need to be outspoken and have your opinion heard for something that MATTERS and COUNTS. Run a food drive, start tutoring programs for children. You all are so hypocritical living in glass houses but want to cast stones. Spoken from a person who actually gives BACK to their community rather than waste time and effort on petty things that are not worth wasting time on, sincerely Janet.

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