Friday, October 30, 2009

Create Multiple Offers Toronto Real Estate

Lets Get Multiple offers on that property now! If we reduce the price to an absurd level, surely the Buyers will come out in droves and bid with wild frenzy.

What will happen? Yes the OPEN HOUSES will be absolute traffic stoppers! Yes HUNDREDS of people will come out for the carnival atmosphere that has been created.

Lets take some brand new homes on a busier feeder street in West Toronto and add a frenzy of home shoppers in the hottest propertunity we have had in Toronto Real Estate since 1988.

While reducing the asking price to below the expectation will bring additional attention from shoppers and create a bidding war for your property. Taking listings and placing them on the market at 25% of the intended sales value seems to bring out different reactions.

How would you feel about the advertised price not being available. The owner is not required to sell you the advertised item. YUP Read that again. How would you feel in the middle of 300 other families looking the same house?

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