Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your Power of Attorney may be invalid

The existing signed Power of Attorney you're using might not be acceptable for your upcoming closings.

The five Toronto area Law Offices of Stephen H. Shub recently experienced several situations where an existing signed Power of Attorney has not been acceptable for a current closing.

Be aware that if you use a Power of Attorney now, one of the two witnesses must be:

a) a lawyer or attorney or equivalent

b) a notary public

c) a local government official with an official stamp

Futher, if a Power of Attorney is being used to close a purchase with a new mortgage, the mortgage lender must pre-approve in writing the use of a power of attorney prior to closing.

For a seller, the law office must receive a legible copy of an unexpired photo ID. Alternatively, for the purchaser's mortgage the law office must receive both a legible unexpired photo I.D. for the person who granted the power of attorney plus a secondary ID.

READ and print the rules and forms for "Power of Attorney" page on our law office website at www.home-legal-cost.com.

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