Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why is buying women's shoes like Home Buying?

Gave this topic some thought, tongue and cheek, and then considered that it indeed home buying could be considered very similar to shopping for women's shoes. Sometimes they are on sale, we always seem to want the most expensive ones and there are literally hundreds to chose from.

Top Ten list for why House hunting is like shoe shopping

1) Looked great in the store but was unsuitable when I brought them home.
2) Was a snug fit I would grow into, but resulted in gross overcrowding when used all day.
3) Always needs maintenence for colour touch ups and repairs.
4) Buying emotionally results in unusable shoes.
5) The heel was very attractive but ultimately impractical.
6) The most expensive have limited time because they are always hidden.
7) The most comfortable ones you want all day long.
8) Sometimes the best fit is not the most attractive.
9) We stare for months at the shoes we want through the window.
10) hundreds of hours can be consumed shopping, trying on shoes without ever making a purchase.
11) Add yours here!

We need a few more to round out the choices. Could you suggest an analogy or one line remark about why shopping for a home is like shopping for women's shoes. Add a comment.

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