Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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What does an agent do for you?

When you are buying there are considerations that may be very different from those that are important when you are selling. Has the concept of the "local neighbourhood specialist" changed with the advent of the internet and specialized search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing?
What does an agent do for you?

When you are ready to sell, a Top agent in the Toronto west market will...

  1. Provide a Comparative Market Evaluation for your property to determine an appropriate asking price.
  2. Discuss and explain the Current Market Trends and Conditions that effect your selling price.
  3. Market your home to the most qualified buyers who will find your listing postedonline with video and dedicated web pages and websites, promoted locally and to millions online at RE/MAX.ca, MLS.ca & REALTOR.com
  4. Sell your home as quickly as possible for the best available dollars.
  5. Negotiate offers and guide you through inspections; conditions fullfilment in the contract and there related deadlines, prepare a timetable for closing and net Seller's Worksheet.
  6. Provide you with written and Video references
When you are ready to buy, a Top agent in the Toronto west market will...

  1. Help you select a home and community that's just right for you, ensuring a good environment for your family and sound financial investment.
  2. Determine an appropriate sales offer strategy and present your bid.
  3. Negotiate the final contract.
  4. Attend to all inspections and contract conditions.
  5. Guide you through inspections; conditions that need to be filfilled in the contract and their related deadlines, prepare a timetable for closing and net Buyer's Worksheet; prepare you for
  6. Land Transfer Tax, Appraisal and Mortgage costs.
  7. Ensure you have all available Rebates.
  8. Provide you a Satisfaction Guarantee
Think all Real Estate Agents Are the Same?

10 or 15 years ago when you had something to say you took out an ad in a newspaper and broadcast that message to your target audience. Now with First Time Buyers, Tech Savvy Buyers and even Seniors embracing internet searches, we are able to connect with Buyers who are from different cities, even different countries, that are looking for your specific home. These Buyers are very targeted in their investigation online and look for key areas in the marketplace.

With targeted advertising through various internet portals, numerous real estate directories and websites, your listing will be found by Inquiring Minds that want your property. This will drive pre qualified, financially capable people in for showings rather than the old school method of splaying out some open house signs and praying that they will walk or drive by.

Internet advertising combined with video is an absolute must.

If your agent cannot deliver there things to you.... well, Its like Yellow Page Advertising that was highly effective 10 or 15 years ago, but now when the book is delivered, we don't even unwrap the plastic cover. Would doubling the Yellow Page Advertising help you to be seen?

Decide for yourself.
Ask me over for a conversation at your kitchen table or across the coffee table so that I can explain what I can do for you.
Experience is not Expensive... It is priceless

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