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When Toronto's Garbage Became Everyone's Problem

"For more than 15 days now none of the garbage and recycling units that dot most street corners in Canadas largest city have been emptied.

“Its disgusting, theres garbage flying around everywhere, we have to sweep the patio every 30 minutes just to keep it presentable,” said Vicki Rivard, manager at Davids Tea on the street. A block away, street vendor Anthony Vilanova says business is already being hit.

And it is the second time in seven years that garbage pick-up has been disrupted, with the last civic strike in 2002." FROM A US WEBSITE

KUDOS are deserved! I was so proud last week that the Pride Parade organizers had handled their garbage issues in an efficient and productive manner, taking the time and effort to hire private contractors to fill the void left by city employees.

I am not against the Unions, I am not against the City. But what are the real issues? Surely, Not the money. The same money that is being saved now will be spent, plus excess in overtime and back pay, plus the city will need to RETRO pay all the workers to the end of the last contract period.

I am sure someone could provide the details.

CUPE local has their own website and is encouraging the members to Twitter and POST and Participate but they are really working upstream, completely outgunned against the Public Relations Professionals that are the City.

SO who will profit in their profile and reputation from making all these apparent gestures to SAVE the city from the Unions?

Could this be the same CANDIDATE who promised to close a FEDERAL airport on the Toronto Islands outside of their jurisdiction during the last elections?

Toronto Business Owners are fed up with waste and mismanagement of services by the City and general dismissal of their needs to operate a profitable business. The City has meddled with Transit vis a vis the St Clair closures, the Molson Indy lost sponsorship (now the Honda Indy) will be picketed by the CUPE membership, last year the fight was about GUNS in the City that resulted in the relocation of the Sportmen's Show. That is not the image of the City I want projected on the evening news. We need tourist dollars.

Lets get a few business people elected to run a city properly, efficiently and responsibly. The ONLY reason this strike hasn't been settled is because the temperatures have been moderate. If we had a heat wave and the garbage stank, we would have settled weeks ago. Maybe after they fill High Park and the Sunnyside Pavillion on Lake Shore, so the 905'ers can drive by and TiSK TiSK and shake their heads.

I am embarrassed for the tourists that come to "Toronto the Good" for their week long vacations who cannot stay outside on the outdoor patio's and have a cool beverage because of mounting sidewalk garbage. I am so sorry that children who cannot play nicely with others have ruined it for everyone else.

If we want to be a world class city, Lets start acting and behaving like it.
What are your thoughts?

City of Toronto Offer Posted July 10, 2009


Elegant Homes in West Toronto said...

Citizen on July 8, 2009 at 10:59 PM

I think the Star is missing some of their commenters today... Alberta called, they're missing their village idiots.

The union is asking for this: that the city not pay people any less to work in 2009 than they did in 2008 and 2007 and 2006. The city wants to cut worker pay by approx. 10%. So who's actually getting screwed here? If your boss wanted to cut your salary, you'd be pissed off too.

The reason the strike is going on is that, if the city asked for back-to-work legislation, an impartial arbitrator would be appointed. And the arbitrator would, based on the contracts the city has given to all of the rest of its unions this past year, give the union everything they want. If an impartial arbitrator decided this, they would decide in favor of the union. The union isn't asking for anything crazy at all, it's the city that is out of line.

You should probably read the union side of the story, not just the idiot Conservative side that seems so prevalent:

Elegant Homes in West Toronto said...

July 10,09
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