Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fireplace in a Condo

Add a fireplace anywhere

Historically the main function of a fireplace was to provide the principal source of heat, and therefore was typically positioned centrally.

Today, fireplaces are less functional and more focal points for a room; they are installed to create a cozy luminescent atmosphere and their design has to be consistent with the overall style of the home. In the last decade fireplaces have evolved in terms of both style and heating mechanisms.

There are infinite styles available, for example wall mounted, freestanding multifunctional coffee table/fireplaces in a variety of materials (stones, wood, steel, glass) and colours. Along with the traditional wood, gas and electric models, the market has introduced new fuels like gel or liquefied ethanol. These new energy sources are great for condos where it often isn’t possible to install an exhaust system.

All these and more can be found locally at located in Toronto at Dupont and Avenue Road. I had the pleasure to meet with Christine Denault of 360 Living to discuss the most popular choices and finishes. Christine indicated that there was also strong demand for their outdoor self contained units.

I would encourage you, to seek out the newest technology both for their esthetics and improved visual appeal of your west end condo. The Bonus! You also get the Home Improvement Tax Credit.


paula said...
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evan said...

We know that There are number of fireplaces are available. I have furnished my living room with stone fireplace. I like this fireplace which You have posted here.

jomie said...

Well, this is not common in a condo here in our country, The fireplace looks very nice.

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