Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woman Accused Of Using Kids To Help Steal From Open Houses

Tuesday June 2, 2009 Staff

A woman is accused of using her own children to help in her quest to steal items from people's homes. And she's alleged to have done it right out in the open. Peel Police say the woman would go to open houses while the owners were away and only the real estate agent was inside.

When the realtor was distracted and with her kids as cover, they allege she would rifle through the possessions of the people who lived there, taking anything of value that could be easily be secreted, before finishing her tour of the home and walking out undetected.

In some cases, the owners only found out their items were missing when they returned. Others are still unaware of the thefts.

Cops contend her spree started on April 26th and continued until she was arrested on May 21st. All the houses said to be involved were in Brampton but cops admit it's possible the suspect could have travelled to other areas of the city. And they're still not sure how many homes may have been hit.

They're asking anyone who had an open house during that time period to look around and see if anything is missing.

Balance of Article.

David Pylyp;  This is just plain sad.  In 21 years of holding and hosting Open Houses through out the west GTA I have been rather fortunate in that only one book was ever taken, and that was by a child who helped themselves to a child's book out of interest.

There is none the less a need for vigilence. So when an agent askes for a name and address with phone, maybe there are reasons besides calling you back.  Some agents are requiring ID.  I hope that time hasn't arrived.

What are your thoughts?  Should we be collecting ID?

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